Conversations with a 4 year old

Mr 4 has a lot of say on all kinds of topics.  The things he comes out with are often hilarious and strange.  I thought I would let him tell you all a little bit about himself and what he likes!

  1. Who is your best friend?  Max because he likes me.

    It's almost impossible to get a picture of two 4 year olds NOT pulling a face!

    It’s almost impossible to get a picture of two 4 year olds NOT pulling a face!

  2. What do you like doing with your best friend?  I like to play (walks into his room to find a toy) with all of my things in my room with him.
  3. What is your favourite thing to eat?  Lots of different kinds of thingies like teddies, apples, salads (this one is news to me).
  4. What is your favourite movie?  The panda one (Kung Fu Panda), Iggle Piggle and Hop.
  5. What is your favourite toy to play with?  Cars and trucks, boats and Buzz Lightyear.  I also like trash wheels and trash packs.
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?  I’d like to be as tall as a truck, like Poppy.  I want to be a policeman.
  7. What is your favourite thing to do?  I like to talk (oh yes he does) and play.  I also like going for a drive.  I like to play in water but I don’t have a pool.
  8. What is your favourite tv show?  Lots of all different kinds of ones, especially all of them.  Adventure time is my favourite because I like candy and Adventure Time people are candy people.
  9. What is your favourite book?  Walter the Farting Dog because he farts all of the time.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Mr 4 and the things he likes!

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16 thoughts on “Conversations with a 4 year old

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    God I’m stupid. I’ve forgotten how it all works…The theory for liking people cos they like you is sound. If they like you, they are nice to you and treat you well (if they don’t treat you well they probably don’t like you as much as they should). So I think he’s on the money with that one…and I never realised adventure time was candy people. (does that mean they have candyass-es? hardyharhar)

  2. Angela

    Nawww, What a cutie 🙂 It is no wonder they get along well though, all of his interests are pretty much that of Max too, along with Adventure time, wanting to be a policeman, that excitement of trashies. I think the only things that didn’t match up were Kung Fu Panda and Walter the farting dog. The book however, is not one that Max has. I’m sure it would be his favourite too if we had it lol. Now it makes me want to come visit again.

  3. Bec @ The Plumbette

    Farting books are always the kids favourite books aren’t they? They have a fascination with farting and poo!! I laughed at the salad answer because my Esther would say the same but she doesn’t even touch it!!

  4. Danielle L

    Sounds all too familiar. At 3 year old kinder last year MJ had to answer questions about me as part of his Mother’s Day present – suffice to say the answers were very interesting!

  5. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    Walter the farting dog because he farts a lot lol whats with boys and farts. A little boy who was probably about 4 at the hospital one day drew a picture on the etch a sketch thing and went around to all of us in the waiting room individually to tell us that all the dots under the stars were farts and then laughed his head off that the stars were farting.

  6. Ness

    I think you should serve him a salad for dinner tonight, Tegan. It’s his favourite, after all! Too funny! And totally gorgeous too.


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