Pleasures of the Guilty Kind

Welcome to another meeting of the minds that is The Lounge! This week we are talking about Guilty fess up what makes you feel so good it’s bad!?


Guilty pleasures..I’ve got a few.  In the name of full disclosure I’m going to give you my top 10 guilty pleasures.  Things that make me feel giddy with excitement but oh so naughty and sometimes a little stupid!

  1. I actually kind of like reading Cosmo.  I don’t read it as much anymore because I can’t justify dropping so much dosh on a magazine but I did have a subscription to it at one stage when it was half price.
  2. I watch the cartoon channels even when Mr 4 isn’t here and I may even tell him to shush when I get particularly involved in an episode of Dance Academy.
  3. I love laying in bed on a weekend morning and just listening to Paul and Mr 4 play.  It makes me feel bad for being awake and not getting up but the conversations they have are just too adorable to interrupt sometimes.
  4. Neighbours is one of my favourite shows and I do get a little (ok a lot) teary when bad things happen.
  5. I still use baby shampoo on Mr 4’s hair because I love the smell.  Seriously, it’s gorgeous.
  6. I know Coca Cola is bad for me.  I have read all of the articles about what it can do to a stomach and it’s alternate uses.  However nothing beats that refreshing first sip of bubbly goodness.
  7. I recently got myself a few pairs of Bridget Jones style undies.  Where have these bad boys been all my life?  Seriously I did not know that it was possible for undies to be so damn comfortable.  Sure they look hideous, and it kind of feels like my undies are under my armpits but the comfort factor outweighs with these bad boys.
  8. When I was in highschool I used to devour books easily.  Until recently, I had lost that motivation.  A few weeks ago I laid in bed most of the day wrapped in a blanket reading a book.  It was glorious and I wish I had time to do it more often.
  9. Paul and I are one of those gross couples who order food that each of us wants to try so we can share.  I love it.
  10. Paul has a cable knit jumper, I call it his Poppy jumper because of the cable knit.  I have kind of stolen it because it’s the comfiest jumper.  It even has thumb holes in so I can put the sleeves over my hands.  Now if only we could have a decent winter this year so I can enjoy it!

What are your guilty pleasures?

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10 thoughts on “Pleasures of the Guilty Kind

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I didn’t know #9 was gross? I thought it was common sense for the greedy. We do that if there are 2 entrees that I can’t decide between, then we switch plates halfway thru – it’s win-win, not gross-gross. Or am I deluded?

    1. Tegan Post author

      Haha maybe I should have been a little more specific and said that we get different meals and feed each other bites. I meant gross as in a little lovey dovey.

  2. ann

    Coke is the best especially out of a glass bottle or an icy can, now I want a coke at 730am!! I love curling up on cold days reading, it doesn’t happen often enough!! We always share food but the passing it across the table way!!

  3. Angela

    My go to Mag is take 5 which I only ever buy if I know I will be child free with time to spare – like waiting for day surgery. I love the puzzles and I get a bit of real life ‘goss’ (sad stories really) but the puzzles are fun.

    I actually avoid reading books because I get agitated when I have to stop. If I start to read a book I am usually forced to stop reading and get accused of not paying attention to anyone or anything else – well not really ‘accused’ because it is the truth, and when I do stop reading, it is all I can think about – So I guess I have a love-hate relationships with books.

    Oh, Coke! I agree with you totally. The only thing that comes half as close as an icy cold drink of coke is icy cold water out of a refrigerated aluminium water bottle – yes, it is enough to delay that swig of coke – well for me anyway.

    Bridget Jones undies lol – I’m not quite there yet, but I still buy the same comfy undies that I discovered while pregnant. They are just full brief best and less guys but the ribbed fabric make them look grandma-ish – but oh so comfortable, especially in hotter weather.

    And that ‘poppy’ jumper, well I want a jumper with thumb holes in it. I can’t stand wearing wool though, it just itches and annoys me.

  4. Ness

    I love reading all day too. We also share food but we don’t spoon feed each other. I love coke too – especially with scotch in it!

  5. Emma Fahy Davis

    3, 6 and 7 all apply here – love a weekend sleep-in (almost as much as hubby likes making weetbix for the girls), love me a bit of Coke (Zero) and have been into granny knickers since long before Bridget Jones…

  6. Melissa @ Bright Side Up

    I used to read a lot too, and really miss losing myself in a good book. I vaguely remember the smell of baby shampoo … I might need to grab a little person for a day and bath them just to make sure. Hubby and I share food too – totally acceptable in my books!
    My guilty pleasure would have to be my HUGE mug of Jarrah O’Lait each night. Once I sit down with that mug, I am in the “do not disturb” zone. lol


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