The Movie of Tegan

The lovely Kirsty from My Home Truths is taking a well deserved rest this week and so I am stepping into her shoes as host of I Must Confess.  They’re pretty awesome shoes to fill so I hope I do them justice!  This week the theme is ‘which actor would you like to be ” you” in the movie of your life – what would you call it?’  Remember you can also make a confession of your own choosing!

I was sitting on the couch, the blank screen staring back at me as I tried to think of who on earth I would like to play me in a movie about my life.  I asked Paul who he would pick to play himself, thinking maybe it would stimulate some inspiration.  He said that there is no one who could possibly do the job as good as he could.  I told him not to go outside or the tickets would blow off.

I thought about the actresses that I know, the glamourous faces flitting past like a slideshow of the rich and famous.  None of them seemed to fit though.  I’m not glamourous..hell I am in my underwear right now.  I need someone a little more down to earth, an actress with grit.  I first thought of Jennifer Lawrence but I think she has too much pizzazz.  I’m not confident, I don’t ooze confidence the way she does.

I then thought maybe Ellen Page (star of Juno), I first fell in love with her in Hard Candy. I love the kick arse attitude she portrays in in the roles she plays.  There was still something that wasn’t quite right.

My next thought was Roseanne Barr.  I loved watching her as a kid in her show Roseanne.  She was sarcastic and didn’t give a damn what anyone said.  However she is a little out of my age range.  Also have you seen her lately!? Aging is being very kind to her!

Then I stumbled across Sara Gilbert.  She played Darlene in Roseanne and more recently is known for her role as Leslie Winkle in Big Bang Theory.  I was a pretty surly teenager (aren’t we all) and pretty much hated the world and everyone on it.  Much like Darlene.  Sara plays the sarcastic, cynical, I don’t give a fuck character so well and I would love to have her add her brand of awesomeness to mine.  It would be magic.

As for the name, that’s easy.  I would call it Tales of the Misguided.  Hmm maybe that is what I should have called my blog!

Have you thought about who would play you in the movie of your life?  Or are you bit like Paul and think that no one could do it justice?

Thanks in advance to everyone who links up.  Hopefully Kirsty will be back next week with her confession session.

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13 thoughts on “The Movie of Tegan

    1. Lydia C. lee

      I like Paul’s answer by the way. That’s how we’re all meant to feel. Just most of the time we (women) don’t…I’d love to think that in my head, for real.

  1. Zita

    Fantastic choice Tegan!! I struggled to come up with someone, like you anyone I came up with seemed too glamorous and I think if they got a script about my life they’d toss it in the can.
    Thanks for hosting this week!

  2. Rhianna

    Darlene was such a great character. I have no idea who I would pick for myself. Far too early in the morning for my brain to be functioning on that level. Thanks for filling in for Kirsty. Have a fabby say

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  5. Ness

    I love the show Roseanne and the character of Darlene. Well played. Perfect casting for you – she’s sassy and sarcastic and totally awesome. Love it.

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Hee hee love that tickets comment – CRACK ME UP! I’m not sure who would play me, I do love Darlene though, she had such an attitude I remember fondly. As for me, Charlize Theron – because I’m in LOVE with her, and it would be titled, Why I Got A Nose Job (because I wish I had) xx

  7. Mystery Case

    Good choice with Sarah G. I had grand plans and was half way through my blog post when the internet gods decided to cut the internet again and I lost the post. Rather than start again, and having wasted my afternoon on the phone trying to get things sorted I gave myself the afternoon off.

    I may attempt to rewrite the post but for now I’m linking up my Sharing is Caring Sunday post.

  8. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I do like the choice of Sara Gilbert and I really like her more recent recurring character on The Big Bang Theory where she is a scientist with attitude. I would have probably gone with Renee Zellweger circa Bridget Jones’ diary to play me in my as yet untitled film biography…

    Thanks SO much for hosting this week – it really took a load off my mind. Thanks a bunch, my friend!

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