FFS Friday 21st March 2014

It’s been a while since I have had a good old FFS Friday rant.  I don’t know why..a rant is as good as a holiday..or something.

Last week I went by train to see my best friend.  I missed luggage check-in by 1 minute FFS

I saw that there was Chicken Caesar Salad on the lunch menu.  I may have got myself psyched up about it.  The woman sitting next to me got the last one FFS

I got a seat to myself next to a power point NO FFS

I dressed in long pants and took a jacket with me in preparation for the ice cold airconditioning on the train.  It was not cold. FFS

I dressed in 3/4 pants and a singlet for the way home and it was freezing FFS

The train was going to get in at 230am so I planned on sleeping most of the 10.5 hour trip home.  Sitting in front of me was a family of children who yelled, screamed, kicked chairs and made general nuisances of themselves.  I didn’t get a wink of sleep. FFS

We had to change to a bus at 10pm.  A bus is not as comfortable as a train. FFS

The noisy family got off at that stop NO FFS

Paul got the time that my train was getting in mixed up and thought it was 230pm, not 230am so he took Mr 4 to work with him.  I spent the whole day sleeping NO FFS

Mr 4 was asleep when Paul dropped him off here.  He woke up at 830pm and proceeded to stay awake until 430am.  Welcome back to reality FFS

Every night has been the same.  I’m too tired to wake up at the time the psychologist has set for us.  His sleeping is getting worse as a result FFS

His tantrums now involve picking things up and throwing them.  Wednesday it was a kids table that had drinks on it.  Drinks went everywhere FFS

Wednesday night the light in the bathroom blew.  We have to wait until tonight when Paul brings in a ladder because we are both short arses and even with a chair we are still 50cm away from the light.  I have been using a camping light until then FFS

What’s been pissing you off this week?  Let loose, it’s not good to keep that shit in!

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17 thoughts on “FFS Friday 21st March 2014

  1. sevenyearsinglemummy

    Oh no..can totally relate to the light bulb changing..the other night the smoke alarm battery decided to die at 3am..i have really high ceilings and of course the ladder was downstairs..by the time i pulled the battery out the whole household was awake ready to party!!! Great blog..i write about mental illness as well..thank goodness we’re finally writing and talking about it! Enjoy your weekend xxx

  2. Caroline Raj

    Haha! This made me laugh. It always gets worse when you are away. We are on a break at the moment and I’ve forgotten so far my PJs, my camera charger and now it’s raining FFS!

  3. Nina

    Oh dear sorry but had to laugh that’s so fucked up but in saying that I would have completly lost it and by that I mean sobbing on the floor . Life is weird sometimes .

  4. Angela

    Bah!! I’ve been thinking of you but just haven’t messaged. Now I feel shitty. I hope that you find a way soon. That is great that you got to sleep the day of your return but really that train trip was the beginning of it all, if you were able to get some sleep you could have atleast bussed it down to pick him up and prevent the falling asleep. Sending you hugs for the last week. I must admit though that I have enjoyed your FFS Friday, I’ve missed them, but then again, much happier for you if you don’t have enough content to do one every week.

  5. Parental Parody

    Your train travel is exactly what I get on planes. Just miss out on the clearly superior meal choice. Located under a broken aircon vent, travel without my kids only to have someone else’s kicking my seat at 2am.

    May this week be way better!

  6. Emma Fahy Davis

    Hubby is showering in the dark as I write this coz we’ve blown a fuse in the bathroom and it’s proving more difficult to fix than just flipping the switch on the fuseboard. So I feel your pain!


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