Valentine’s Day is all about YOU Giveaway

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you will know that the holiday of love is just around the corner (next Friday to be exact).  That’s right Valentine’s Day.

I could bore you to absolute death with love stories but I fear that I would in fact fall asleep while writing that post.  So no this is not a post about the origins of Valentine’s Day or how it’s turned into an over commercialised event.  Instead, this post is all about you.

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Last year the lovely people at We-vibe were kind enough to provide one of their award winning vibes the Thrill to giveaway to one lucky reader.  The Thrill by We-Vibe is the winner of 5 international awards, and boasts itself as being the ultimate in sole play.  Comprising of 8 sensual speeds and being water proof, the Thrill is sure to push all the right buttons this Valentines Day.

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The best part about all of this?  I have 3 of these hot beauties to giveaway!  That’s right 3 Thrill by We-Vibe are up for grabs!

The competition is super easy.  All you have to do is answer a question.  I want to know

“If you could spend Valentines doing anything you wanted, what would it be and why?”

The competition will be judged on skill so please make your answers as creative as you can!  Entries are due by Midnight Tuesday the 25th of February 2014.  If you are having troubles leaving a comment please don’t hesitate to email me and I can see what I can do.


Terms and Conditions.

  1. The competition begins on Tuesday the 11th day of February 2014 and closes at midnight on the 25th day of February 2014.
  2. All decisions made are final.
  3. The winner has 48 hours after being contacted by email to answer, or the prize will be redrawn.
  4. The competition is open to Australian Residents only.
  5. Entrants must answer the question ‘If you could spend Valentines doing anything you wanted, what would it be and why’ in order to be eligible to win the prize.
  6. Each entrant is only eligible to win one (1) Thrill by We-Vibe.



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23 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is all about YOU Giveaway

  1. Angela

    Honestly, I’m not much of a ‘romantic’ person. My idea of an ideal valentines day would be doing something fun and adventurous. I would love to spend the day kayaking, abseiling or even running around the theme parks for the day. A day of childfree freedom, just Mic and I and a whole lot of careless and stress free fun. And then of course a child free night to ourselves.

  2. Lydia C Lee

    I would sneak off and watch a movie (by myself), read my book in the spa & then meet my partner for dinner after he’s done the kid-go-round for the day! Do I need to explain why?

  3. Sarah

    I would convince hubby to get a couples massage with me, but I know he never would because of how self conscious he is about his back. Then relax with a good movieand a nice dinner, before tucking DD into bed for some grown up snuggles lol

  4. Eleise @ A Very Blended Family

    I would go to Paris, climb the Eiffel tower and have a picnic of french cheese, bread and wine on the grass under the tower where you are not allowed to sit, with hubby of course!

    But reality says that I will be cooking a 3course wine matched dinner and the kids will be in bed nice and early!

  5. Jo

    Well, my ideal valentine’s day would be… having my valentine sweep me away to a surprise overseas location – somewhere romantic and exotic where I have always wanted to go – like France, or Alaska!

    But more practically, spending the day in my big clawfoot bath with a lover, a thrill we-vibe and lots of bubbles and bubbly sounds marvellously self indulgent, and just a little naughty! 😉

  6. Rhianna

    If I could be doing anything I wanted it would be having a massage, bath and a good night’s sleep. Not the most exciting or interesting I know but right now I feel so tense and exhausted I can’t think of anything else.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  7. Psych Babbler

    Hmm…ideal Valentine’s Day for someone who is single: Spend the evening having a few drinks and a lot of fun with other single friends {and one couple} while we talk about some of the awesome treks and trips we have planned for the months ahead {among other topics of conversation which also involves a lot of sex-droughts!}

  8. Cassandra

    For my ideal Valentine’s Day I would want to do all the things that make me less anxious and do them magnified, so I will probably also need the day to go for about 57 hours, and also I’ll magically not be tired.
    As I don’t currently have a designated lovey-things-doer in my life, lovey-things would be done by my friends, starting with one of them bringing me breakfast in bed, and after that’s cleared away, a box full of kittens which I can play with until I feel ready to get up.
    I would spend the day at the beach and the hills around the beach walking, swimming taking photos and painting.
    Dinner would be a hot picnic of pizza, pasta, pies and other delightful carby things on the seashore (out of range of the sand, though) with all my nearest, before heading home to watch movies and have couch cuddles with about ten guinea pigs, specially selected for their fluffiness and “aww!” factor by the friends I’m watching movies with.
    Maybe a few hours with a book after everyone goes home, too. Yes.

  9. Jeri

    If I could spend it anyway I wanted, my dream Valentine’s Day would include a really, really nice dinner and an equally nice bottle of red wine. Oh yeah, and hubby can tag along too 😉

  10. Nichole Smith

    The perfect valentines date would be a trip to the city (NYC) a stay in a luxurious penthouse suite, shopping and spa pampering followed by a gourmet dinner and a Broadway show. After the show, a carriage ride through central park and then back to the hotel where slaves would be waiting to fulfill all our desires. If I’m going to dream, I might as well dream big 😉

  11. Michelle

    Oh my. My ideal date?
    Would have to involve a beautiful dinner with my husband in the corner of a dimly lit restaurant, where we joke and touch hands and steal little kisses. Then dancing to jazz and sipping wine back at our secluded rainforest cabin. It begins to rain and we go out to swim in our private pool and…… *coughs* errr….. Swim?

    *shifty eyes*

  12. Nikita

    I would love to wake up to breakfast in bed… Freshly cut fresh salad with yoghurt, muesli and a choc crossoiant with a single rose, a little love letter from my man & baby girl.
    To then have a day filled with love and laughter with my 2 most precious valentines in the world!
    At night to be able to have a home cooked dinner by candlelight and rose petals followed by soaking in a long ballistic scented bath!!

  13. Becc

    So I just received a dozen red roses, that is part of my ideal Valentines, so we are off to a good start!
    As for the rest of the day, it would be better if hubby wasn’t working, but a meal (not prepared by me), a bottle of wine, a movie and Mr4 in bed early would be great. Rather boring and traditional I know, but short of being whisked off to Paris with a room full of roses, Veuve Cliquote flowing and having just won the lottery, I think it will have to do for now.
    An early one for us would be also be fantastic. Hmm, imagine, if I had this little number, I may not need him to not be working 😉

  14. Sharon Fawcett

    My perfect Valentine’s Day would involve a good book, a hot cup of tea and me husband popping in periodically to bring me little treats and massage my feet.

  15. Camilla @ PlanetCamilla

    My ideal Valentine’s Day would be away somewhere where there is no mobile service nor signal with my loving partner. We would spend the day relaxing and getting to know one another more whilst indulging in organic food. Even better if there is no tv etc so we’ve got to just make do with each other.


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