You searched what!?

Welcome back to The Lounge! How were your holidays?  Did you drink too much?  I hope not because The Lounge is just not the same without a nice cold beverage!  I’ll even settle for a mocktail if you are that way inclined.  As long as it has an umbrella and looks pretty it’s alright in my books.  Now settle into the comfy chairs, sit back and enjoy a tale or two.  There is always a certain caliber around here, that is one of awesome!

This week the hi-larious Emily from Have a Laugh on Me shared her weird and wonderful search terms.  It was Wednesday morning and I was still drawing a blank as to what the hell to write about so I stole her idea (well she did invite us too!) and am sharing with you all the strange things people search for to land on my blog.  Every time I put in a search term, I always wonder if it will land on someone’s blog and they’ll wonder why the hell someone who search for that.  The answer is simple..sometimes you have to get creative to get the results you want!

Your awesome: I’m willing, just this once to overlook the incorrect use of your and say ‘Why thank you, I think so too’. #humblebrag

What should I reply if someone say me cute personified: You should probably walk away.  It sounds like they are a toddler…

If I not sleep I will become zombie: Yep, sorry to break it to you, those who do that awesome thing called getting full nights sleep, for longer than 4 hours.  The zombie apocalypse is already here, we’ve just developed our tastes to more than brains.

u wanker: Please if you are going to insult me, at least use full words.

Is IBOT gone forever: No thankfully! It can be found here.

Suck at being housewife blog:  Now, now I’m not THAT bad.

Bitch you need vodka: Don’t mind if I do. Cheers!

Sizzler is for Housos: No it’s not and I’ll fuckin’ fong you if you say that again!

What are some of the weird search terms you’ve had for your blog?  Have you ever used and strange search terms to get the info you need?

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16 thoughts on “You searched what!?

  1. Emily

    Haha, too funny! I’m useless with stats – have to get back in and check out some of the search terms that lead to my blog. Thanks for having us – it’s great to have The Lounge back for 2014!

  2. Me

    It’s always funny to see what words have led people to a blog – now if I just knew how to look up what sends people to my blog I could share them as well !!!
    Have the best day !

  3. Ed @ The Tunnel

    At present, The Tunnel gets a lot of searches along the line of “newman ridiculous laws qld”, “rugby league world cup tv ratings” and (the gift that keeps giving) “peter slipper text messages.

    But, like you, we also get the less discerning searcher: people keen on Miley Cyrus and pictures of Tony Abbott’s daughters in bikinis.

    But my favourite search term of last year was “tom waterhouse is a smug prick”. Not even a question and we are on the first page of Google for some reason. Having set near Gai at the races on Saturday, I should have apologised!

  4. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    LOVING IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh, I reckon those trump mine and that’s okay (not really I’m off to the garden to eat some worms). I haven’t got a post – yet – but be able to pull one out of a hat but I have some boring paid work due today xxx

  5. Lydia C. Lee

    I had planned to link up but just totally forgot. I was reading someone elses and saw she linked up here too – sorry for being a moron…not snubbing you!! And it was my favourite, freestyling! Argh!

  6. Mystery Case

    I’ve linked up my one new thing this week because basically I’m time poor and about to head out the door for a couple of days away. If we have internet reception when we get there I will blog hop and share some social media love tonight. Otherwise will return on Monday.

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