The Tradition of Santa Photos

Hello, hello! It’s almost the weekend woo! Grab a drink, sit down and share a tale.  This week I want to know about your Silly Season Traditions.

I’m taking the easy way out and telling my story in pictures.  Each year, since Mr 4 was a tiny 4 month old, we have gone and got a Santa photo.  I realised when I was putting this post together that we didn’t have one for 2011 because we were flooded in at my parents house.

I also like dressing him up in cute little Christmas outfits!1468796_10152134946858783_2122049348_n

The first time he wore the santa suit in 2009

The first time he wore the santa suit in 2009


The Santa suit didn’t quite fit the same the next year!



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6 thoughts on “The Tradition of Santa Photos

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    Lovely photos! We just go straight from school so the kids are grubby and the photos are HILARIOUS. My partner doesn’t like this but I figure it’s how they look, so how we should remember them. Last year the eldest in the photo (actual eldest doesn’t get his photo done) pulled a face – so it’s the WEIRDEST photo ever! (actually that’s not true – in 1977, David Jones had the weirdest Santa ever so my photo with Santa that year is the weirdest ever.)

  2. Janet @ Redland City Living

    Love that you dress your boy up all Christmassy!

    I have a pic somewhere of Mr 19 when he was about 18 months old, screaming his head off because he SO did not want to sit on Santa’s lap. Mean mummy that I am, I made him … I had to sit with him on Santa’s knee too … and still he screamed! LOL


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