Chance Encounters Part 4

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Lillian felt her shoulders slump.  She had hoped for at least a good night kiss, some kind of indication that he thought she was attractive.  She moved into her bedroom and threw herself face first onto the bed.  She lay there, with the pillow over her head; chastising herself for thinking that he thought of her sexually.  She had fooled herself into believing that maybe there was a small chance he did.  She realised that he hadn’t even given her his number.  Lillian groaned into the blankets and felt the sting of tears pricking at the back of her eyes.  It was just all of the wine making her emotional she told herself.  He was just a guy she met in a bar, she’d had fun while it lasted but it was back to status quo now.

She fell into a fitful sleep, and tossed and turned most of the night.  Her subconscious kept going over the nights events, trying to find the moment when it had all gone wrong.  Had she read his signals wrong?  She had been sure that he felt attracted to her, felt it every time he looked at her while she spoke.  She had only just met him she told herself, maybe that is how he is with all women he meets.  She tried to remember how he had interacted with Holly but she drew a blank.  It felt like she only just managed to fall asleep when the loud shrill of her mobile woke her.  Who could be ringing her at this hour?

“Hello?” she said groggily into the phone.  At first there was no answer, and she repeated her greeting a few more times.  She began to get annoyed, thinking that it was some punk kids pranking her for fun.  

She was about to hang up when a voice on the other end said, “Hello Lillian.”  She felt her heart speed up as she realised who it was.

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