Good Customer Service Isn’t Lost

Mornin’ Loungers.  Welcome to another opening of the bar, sit down, grab a drink, share a tale or two.  This week want to know about your customer service stories.

I had originally planned to write about the awesome service I received at QT while I was at Problogger but yesterday I got impeccable service a little closer to home and decided to share the local love.

Yesterday, on a bit of a whim, I decided to go and get my hair done.  I always get my hair coloured (although not as often as I would like to) at Rockhampton Hairhouse Warehouse because they have always been able to recreate my half arsed ideas of what I want to do with my hair.  Their customer service is also always awesome.

From the moment you walk into the store you are met with friendly faces and treated like an old friend, not a customer.  On arrival you are offered coffee, tea or water and made to feel comfortable.  I also love that they sit down with you and tell you exactly how much your hair style is going to cost so you aren’t met with a nasty bill at the cash register.

Yesterday I spent 4.5 hours in the company of the lovely ladies at the Rockhampton store.  That’s a lot of time to spend in one place and it felt like the time flew.  My only instruction to the hairdresser was ‘I want red foils of different shades but for it to look natural’.  This is the result:

hairhouseI couldn’t fault my experience if I tried and it was well worth the time spent sitting in the chair!  Every girl needs a pamper session every now and then, it certainly helps when the business steps up and provides an awesome service too!

I also get Mr 4’s hair cut there and they are so accommodating to him.  He’s not a big fan of having his head touched, or sitting still but the staff are always happy to work around him and his needs.  They also have cute kids capes that help with the ‘look down’ part of the hair cutting adventure.  It’s much easier to say ‘look at the puppy’ than telling him to stare at his lap which is what other places have tried and failed.

Do you visit the hairdresser regularly? Do you love the service you receive?

p.s this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really love them!

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13 thoughts on “Good Customer Service Isn’t Lost

  1. Emily

    Gorgeous! I’d be happy with that too!

    Mine’s almost embarrassing – nothing like linking one from two years ago to make you realise how far your blogging has come! Oh well. We all started somewhere!

  2. Grace

    Look at you, lady! Smokin’ hawt!
    I love my hairdresser, he’s all sorts of awesome. We even hang out outside the salon which is lovely.
    Nothing like good ol’ friendly local service. Thanks for hosting today, T! x

  3. Angela

    I love my new hairdresser. After moving so far away from home I obviously lost my old hairdresser who was just got my hair but thankfully I moved close to family and had already been to this hairdresser in the past. I don’t dye my hair anymore so I usually just go for a trim now. The ladies at Jeanelle’s Hair & Beauty are so lovely and caring and looked after my MIL for the last 10+ years and helped her through both lots of her cancer treatment with wigs and dying her hair when it grew back completely grey in her 50’s. These ladies are absolutely awesome and can cater for any of your needs. And, the price is to boot too. I pay $17 for a trim and that is up to 3 inches cut off. I never need to pay the $35 for the style cut even though I only go every 6mths for a cut and the fact that they were able to cut my 2 1/2y/o sons hair with all of his wiggling says a lot too.

  4. Psych Babbler

    Oh I love your hair! I’m a sucker for good customer service. I’ve had some good hairdressers through Just Cuts every now and then and left with products I don’t really need but bought because I’ve liked the service! 😛 Will link up my post when I get home tonight.

  5. Alison

    Oooh that’s gorgeous, love it! No, I go about twice a year, sometimes less. But they do treat me well and they are lovely to my kids when I take them in. I go to Next Salon at Oxenford, and I highly recommend Samantha if you are looking for someone lovely, cheerful and really good at her job.

  6. Ness

    I find going to the hairdressers a bit trying these days, The small talk, the smells, the loud music in the background. Not being able to explain what I want and therefore ending up paying a fortune for something that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Arrrrghh.

    Your hair looks great though. Glad you had such a great experience.

    1. Alison

      I hate ANYWHERE that has loud music in the background. I always did, even as a teenager. I listen to loud music in my car and if I go out somewhere at night, that’s fine, but anywhere else it’s just a headache and a pain in the arse. And they are inflicting their crappy taste on me, which I do not appreciate when I am paying money. Have left shops before for this. I remember giving my younger brother a serve for the volume of his music, when I was maybe 19, so it’s nothing to do with age. I also point blank refused to allow them to start playing music at my last job, if they want to listen to music they can bring their bloody earpods.

      Thankfully my lovely hairdresser is peaceful, aside from the chattering and hairdryers, and long may that continue.

      1. Tegan Post author

        Ugh yes Paul and I were just talking about this on Friday actually. Hate going anywhere and the music is so loud that you can’t hear anything except the pounding of your head. My hairdresser has music but it’s not loud.

  7. Me

    Love your hair – you look amazing !!!!
    I love to hear about great customer service – unfortanetly it seems to be a dying thing !!
    Have a great weekend !


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