LOVE Organic Beauty Review: I’m a laaaddyy

*I was sent 3 products from LOVE Organic Beauty.  All opinions are my own*

I must confess that when it comes to putting on a face…I am still very much ‘faking it till I make it’.  I have no freaking idea what I am doing 90% of the time, despite loving the effects when I make an effort.  Sometimes it feels like some women are born with the gene that allows them to put make up on effortlessly, looking a million bucks and there are people like me…

May or may not be an accurate description of the first time I tried to 'put a face on'.

May or may not be an accurate description of the first time I tried to ‘put a face on’.

Up until recently (I am talking last week) I couldn’t put eye liner on.  I would either stab myself in the eye and it would water so much that I would ruin any work I had already done.  Or it would be so far off the ‘eye line’ that it looked like I had let Mr 4 loose on my face.  It wasn’t until I watched a Youtube video last week that showed a woman doing a tutorial on a look that I knew how to do it properly.

So I was really stepping outside my comfort zone (something that my psychologist said I need to do more of) when I answered a callout by LOVE Organic Beauty to road test some of their products.  LOVE Organic Beauty had first followed me on Pinterest a few months ago and I had checked out their products a few times since.  Even though I have no idea when it comes to creating a face, I definitely appreciate looking at the faces others create so the LOVE Organic Beauty Pinterest boards ticked all of the boxes for the beauty p0rn.

I was sent a lipstick, concealer and eye liner pencil to test out.  LOVE Organic Beauty stocks the brand Couleur Caramel Natural Make up which prides itself on using plant based materials that are sourced organically.  Even the packaging is made from recycled products, which gives it a unique look and feel.

love organic make upI have only ever used concealer in stick form so the concealer in a pot was a new experience for me.  It didn’t disappoint though, the cream was smooth and glided onto my skin effortlessly.  It also blended beautifully and didn’t feel heavy on the skin.  The product gave enough coverage without being heavy so that I was able to wear it all day and then transition it to night time.

The eyeliner took a few strokes before it started to work on my lower eyelid but it then worked brilliantly.  The recycled packaging actually make the pencil easier to grip when applying it, which was a big bonus.

Lipstick is the make up product that I use the most.  I will often just wear it on it’s own without going to the trouble of putting on a whole face.  The product that I received from LOVE Organic Beauty was Rosy Brown Pearly Lipstick.  My lips have been ridiculously dry this winter and I have yet to find a lipstick that both looks good and helps to keep my lips from drying out.  This lipstick did both, although the staying power wasn’t great but it’s easy enough to reapply.  Another issue that I had with the lipstick was that the only way to tell what colour it was is a number on the bottom.  It doesn’t have the name of the lipstick, which is fine when you only have one of the LOVE Organic Beauty products but makes it hard when you start to fill your beauty bag with them.

Love organics

This week I must confess is being hosted by Emily from Have a Laugh on Me while Kirsty is busy moving.

Are you a bit of a beauty beginner like me or are you an old hand at it?

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25 thoughts on “LOVE Organic Beauty Review: I’m a laaaddyy

  1. Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    I’m such a novice it’s embarrassing! I can apply eyeliner, sort of and foundation but mascara wrecks havoc with my sensitive eyes, as does the eyeliner after a few hours – so maybe I need to go organic – I never thought about it before! I would LOVE to take a few lessons on how to apply make up to accentuate my features, and make the others looks less accentuated!!
    Looks like you’re getting the hand of it T.
    Thanks for linking lovely lady – Happy Monday!
    Em x

  2. Dannie (A Dose of Dannie)

    I also pretty much suck at putting make up on most times. My teen has tried to show me and i watch my niece do her tutorials on you tube sometimes . I used to always wear make up when i was younger being in Dance concerts ,Exam yada yadda yadda . But my sisters always did the make up.
    Must try harder

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      I’ve only recently being using it more because when I do wear it, I feel nice and it takes me hardly any time at all. So why not take a few minutes out of my day and make my feel a little better 🙂

  3. Jodie@FreshHomeCook

    I am a novice too Tegan! I have never really been one to wear makeup – I don’t have the patience for blending & toning etc to make it look ‘natural’ & end up looking a lot more like Mimi up there than I care to admit!!
    Also I have super sensitive skin, so have to be careful what I use or I get all blotchy, which I think defeats the purpose of trying to use makeup, doesn’t it?!
    Besides, honestly, there’s not much you can do with my face – it is what it is, no amount of covering up, will cover that up!! 😉
    Looking gorgeous before & after BTW! 😀

  4. Pip (Bub Sweat and Tears)

    gee, sounds like great quality make-up Tegan. I’m yet to try it out, have been too busy to take shots etc but now I’m looking forward to it. you tube for tips!? great idea 🙂 May also Google Napoleon as they are my fave make up artists

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      I learn best by watching so Youtube was naturally my first port of call. There is so many tutorials on there for any kind of make up you could want.

  5. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    I love make-up! Many moons ago I worked in a pharmacy and did a beauty course at Clarins. And now I sell top quality Masquerade make up at my dance wear shop. I have tried lots of different brands and must say I don’t actually have a favourite. I’m willing to try anything! That eyeliner sounds really good. May have to have a squiz.

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      Wow! So glad to hear that someone who is a whizz at this stuff doesn’t have one favourite brand. I have stuff from all different brands in my bag of tricks and love them all equally!

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      I rarely wear make up too and feel like I am kind of playing dress ups when I do.

  6. Ness

    I used to be guilty of wearing way too much make-up. I thought I knew what I was doing but in retrospect I was over doing it. These days I find when I wear make up it seems to irritate my eyes and they start weeping. I’d be really happy if I could find a brand of eye make up that didn’t irritate me.

    You look really good in your pic, so you’re definitely getting the hang of it. xo

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      I can’t do powder on it’s own. It always looks dark in one area, so I use a powder over the top of my BB cream to stop it sweating. Love mascara though because it makes my long eyelashes pop that little bit more.

    1. Musings of the Misguided Post author

      Blue eyeliner seems to be making a come back! All of the brands seemed to have it.

  7. Jen Hale

    I must confess I buy eye make sets which have 3 or 4 shades in them and a diagram on the back to tell you where each one goes. It’s magic. Looks great if I do say so myself. Your face looks great. You look like a pro!

  8. Rhonda @ Silly Mummy

    I paid $99 for a couple of DIY makeup tutorials from a makeup artist. Great. Then I thought OK let’s give it a go. After 2 days of forcing myself to get up early and then spending 30 mins to apply I gave up. Too much work!

  9. Alison

    Love the pictures. I usually always wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara,sometimes some lipgloss. I can manage the full face slap if I want to, but am not generally too bothered. Mascara and eyeliner prevent my eyes from looking like pissholes in the snow though, so I will probably be doing that until I cark it 🙂


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