Hairy Lemon Review and Giveaway.

*I received a Hairy Lemon pack.  As always all opinions are my own*

hairy lemon logoOne of the physical effects of having a mental illness is a lack of motivation and energy.  Add to this sedative medication and a toddler who is full of energy and it makes for one tired mumma.  I already make sure to take a multivitamin and an iron supplement to give myself the best start to the day.  However with so many factors already against me, it’s not easy.

That’s where Hairy Lemon comes in.  Boasting a reputation as the perfect formulation for people with a hectic lifestyle, Hairy Lemon seemed like the next step in helping me to perform at the level I needed.  Each tablet contains ingredients that will help you stay alert, and give you energy for the day ahead, whatever it throws at you.

Hairy Lemon comes in a effervescent tablets in boxes of 10, 20, 40 and single sachets.  Each tablet contains a whopping amount of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B12, B Complex Forte, Vitamin C, Siberian Ginseng and Guarana.  Hairy Lemon says that the use of these Vitamins can help give a much needed energy boost, all while helping to improve general well being.

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about tasting Hairy Lemon because it comes in effervescent form.  I have memories from childhood of taking a horrid medication that bubbled in my mouth and tasted horrid to boot!  I watched anxiously as the tablet dissolved, then counted to 3, and took a gulp.  It was nothing like the horrid medication from my childhood thankfully!  There was no bubbling, despite the effervescent make up, and the taste while it was a little sour, was not overpowering.

hairy lemon review

This week I have been busy with preparing for visitors to arrive so I was hoping that Hairy Lemon would give me the boost I needed to get everything done.  I had a to do list as long as my arm and with dread I started to complete the tastes.  I am happy to report that I was able to smash through my to do list and still had energy left over to do a few extra things too!  I loved having extra energy and my house looked better than it has in months.

Now for the fun part! A little competition for all of my readers.  You have the chance to win a Hairy Lemon Recovery Pack.  Each pack includes 40 Hairy Lemon effervescent tablets, a set of earphones, sunglasses, lip balm and water.  To be in the draw to win a pack simply enter using the form below.

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Terms and Condtions

  1. Open to Australian Residents only
  2. The competition starts on the 19th Day of August in the year 2013 and ends on the 2nd Day of September in the year 2013.
  3. The two winners have 48 hours to respond to correspondence from Musings of the Misguided to claim their prize.  Any correspondence that is unanswered will result in a redraw.
  4. All decisions are final.
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27 thoughts on “Hairy Lemon Review and Giveaway.

  1. Lani

    Chocolate as well. I know it’s not a sustainable choice but there are times I oh so need it!

    Great idea on the HL. I was thinking I needed a little boost these days, wondering if my iron levels are low or I just push myself too much. Thanks for the idea!

  2. amie nicholson

    Hairy Lemon you have saved me
    been sick as sick can be
    One glass of Hairy Lemon
    I know i can depend
    To get me through the day
    And push my worries away

  3. kirsty mackenzie

    I have to say that I rarely need an energy boost, I am often bouncing off the walls, but my hubby is always struggling for energy, having MS, a broken back and depression zaps him, so I am always up for new ways to lift him up.

  4. Eleise

    I am not entering this one, as I have already won a pack, but seriously Hairy Lemon is the best pick me up! We have been using it before long runs or in the afternoon when we get a low and it is fantastic! Your winner will love it!


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