J is for Jaded

eye jaded

Welcome to my weekly A-Z of Mental Illness. Each week I will be writing about a mental health topic that correlates with a letter of the alphabet.  I have a few people doing guest posts along the way as well, just so you don’t have to listen to me drone on every week.  I hope that through this alphabet of Mental Illness I will be able to spread a bit more awareness.

Glass half full? Glass half empty?  What if your only thought was why is there still so much left?  Why is it so hard to swallow? Why, why, why?

The trouble with mental illness is that it never quite goes away.  The self harm urges are still there.  All. Of. The. Time.  It’s tiresome and never ending.

Take this pill. Don’t drink that.  Smile more. Don’t wallow.  Get out more. Take care of yourself.  Don’t act crazy.

Keep that tic to yourself.  Talk to this doctor.  Don’t tell them too much.  Spill your guts.  Here’s another pill.  Sorry we don’t have time for you.  You don’t fit our boxes.  Stop acting outside the square.

I’m jaded baby.  The road is long.  The road is bumpy.  Hold my hand.  We’ll get there.  Don’t cry.  It will be ok.

3 thoughts on “J is for Jaded

  1. Jen B Hale

    Still the most ironic illness out there….its prevalent yet we don’t want to know about it. Such a stigma with it. The road continues as its a work in progress. We’re with you.

  2. Oculus Mundi

    Yep. Jaded is about the right word for it. SO tired of explaining to people, over and over and over and over that I TRIED all sorts of different pills for TEN YEARS. If there was a cure for my mental, I’d be cured by now. Doing ok at the moment, mainly. So I must be fixed, right? Fuck.


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