Honey have you seen my…nevermind

It’s Lounging time again.  Getting ready for the weekend..sober style.  I have signed up for Dry July…like I have said multiple times, I am fucking insane.  So I will be your sober bob, drinking mocktails and scowling at everyone reveling in the alcohol.  At least until the 1st of August.  I could go on about how much of a FAIL it was to sign up to no alcohol in the run up to Mr 3 becoming Mr 4 but alas I have something else.

On Friday I went to the movies with my little bro and DS.  It is one of the times that I am super grateful for buying tickets online because it would have been extremely embarrassing otherwise.  I got to the counter (due to Internet tickets I got to push in front of the 100 people already lined up. Woo!) I ordered a food deal for my bro and a drink for DS..opened my bag..no wallet.  I frantically searched in the pockets and I couldn’t find it.  My parents had given me money for food..so thankfully the wallet wasn’t an issue yet.

I figured I had left the wallet at home somewhere and got LB to ring Mum to ask her to have a look for it while we were at the movies.  I then had a revelation…I hadn’t seen it since the day before, when we were at the park.  The movie was the longest movie ever because I was worrying about my wallet and if some creep had picked it up and spent all of my money.  I rarely carry cash but this time I did.  I also for once had money in my bank acc so was worried about them getting their grubby mits on it.

After the movies we did a retrace of the places that we had been to no avail.  I felt sick, I have had my account hacked before and it was a nightmare.  I had to cancel my card immediately.  Surprisingly it only took about 5 minutes.  Props to my bank for that!

I hate not having access to my money.  Going to the bank with a child in tow is a pain in the arse because the lines are always long and the entertainment is pretty thin on the ground.  I couldn’t do my groceries online and my whole week was just thrown out.

Fast forward to Monday morning.  I grabbed my bag to put something in it and the back pocket of my bag gaped open…revealing my lost wallet.  I felt like a complete dickhead. So of course the first time I did was call Paul so he could laugh at me.  Which he did.

It was such a facepalm moment but man am I relieved to have my wallet and money back.  I just wish that I hadn’t already cancelled my card…or requested a new medicare card.

wallet dickheadThis week The Lounge is being hosted by the loverly Kimbo over at Falling Face First.  Go check out her fail confession and any one that has linked up!


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9 thoughts on “Honey have you seen my…nevermind

  1. Alex

    Unlucky! I’ve definitely been there though. Think my worst is spending five minutes in front of a class of 30 teenagers trying to find my glasses… they weren’t just the usual cliche on my head… I was wearing them!

  2. Jodie@FreshHomeCook

    Man that sucks!! I’ve done the same & it was so stressful but then i felt like an idiot when it turned up in another bag I used every now & then – DOH!! Almost did it again today – went to pay for lunch & nope, no purse! My friend had to pay & I’m then freaking out while attempting the unco-jiggly-jog of the totally unfit back to the car! Thankfully it was there – felt like a complete knob!!!

    Glad you found yours though! Good on you for doing a dry July – it’ll taste so much better when you get through it!! 😉

  3. Rachel

    There is NOTHING worse than that sick feeling of “Fuck I’ve lost my wallet”. The only thing that comes close is “Fuck I’ve lost my keys”! Glad you did find it – the hacking nightmare is also a fear of mine.

  4. Kim

    Ugh. Does it make it less of a fail if we’ve all done it? I wish we could ring those things, like we do for lost mobiles. You could have rung that stupid wallet and found it in your bag. Come on inventor people, build it!


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