Techno Overload

This week’s prompt of I must confess is ‘How many devices do you have and what do you use them for?’  I must admit I kind of cringed  and wasn’t sure if I was going to link up. I have a lot of devices. Not as many as my friend’s hubby who is into all things computer but still more than your average joe.  I also use them all myself. I don’t do sharing well. At all.  Enough rambling and on to the important stuff…the devices.

Kindle Ereader: I love books, but I live in a two bedroom house. My one bookshelf is already filled to the brim with books and dvds.  There’s no room for another one. So of course the next logical step was to get a device that could hold up to 3,000 books.  I already have 1,000 books on it, which will probably take me the next 20 years to read but they are small enough to carry around with me.

Iphone: I love that my phone is more than just a phone.  I lost my Iphone and went back to a brick for a total of 3 days.  Longest. Three. Days. Of. My. Life. 

Ipad: Sometimes we just have to keep up with the cool kids.  I love that it does everything my phone does, but has a bigger screen.  I also use it to store books for Devil Spawn on it.  He loves the interactive books that talk back to him when he presses the screen.

Netbook: I got my netbook when my poor old dinosaur laptop was packing it in but I couldn’t afford to replace it with a full sized laptop.  I’m not a massive fan of it, hence why it’s now packed away in the cupboard.  The screen was too small to view photos and play games, which are my two main reasons for using a laptop in the first place.

Laptop: My laptop was kind of an impulse buy. I went in for a hard drive and came out with a laptop instead.  Yeh, yeh I am the queen of impulse buying.  Thankfully for my big ticket items I don’t often experience buyers remorse.  My laptop is where I spend most nights glued to and is the birth place of all of you my blog posts.  I haven’t quite got the hang of typing too much on a tablet. 

Ipod Nano: I really need to get rid of it really. It doesn’t shuffle, you can’t press next and I already have 3 other devices that play music.  I got it when I was walking to Daycare to pick Devil Spawn up, much less thinking goes on when you have music blaring in your ears.

Phew, confession time over! Head on over to My Home Truths and check out everyone’s posts about their devices. 
Lastly, what devices do you have?

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