Unofficial Guide to Twitter


Even though the title says that this a ‘guide’ to twitter, it’s not one of your run of the mill do as I say guides. I’m not interested in telling you about the etiquette of twitter because quite frankly I don’t give a shit what you feel the need to post on your twitter. If I don’t like it, then I unfollow you. If it’s really dodgy then I will block you so that you cannot follow me.  So if you feel the need to talk about that giant pimple on your arse then you go right ahead sunshine. It’s your freaking timeline.

So can you stop waffling on and tell us what this damn post is about already?, I hear you ask. It’s about making the most out of twitter for you. That’s right it’s all about you.  A lot of my friends don’t understand twitter and find it quite boring. So that prompted me to write this little guide.

1. Find some real people to follow. Twitter is about conversation so if everyone you are following is a celebrity and never replies to anything you ask or say to them, then it’s going to be pretty boring. If you want to find out more about celebrities, just save yourself the hassle and buy a trashy magazine.

2. Search for topics that interest you and you might find some tweeps that are interesting to you. There are over 2 million users on twitter. I’m sure you will find someone that tickles your fancy.

3. Don’t be afraid to get involved in a conversation. Like I already said Twitter is about conversation so get put yourself out there. You might just find some new people with similar values and interests to follow.

4.  Follow some parody accounts. Life is already too serious, we all need a bit of humour in our day.

5. I know that I said that this wasn’t a what not to do guide but this one has to be said. Don’t click on those fucking links.  You know the ones you get via DM or from half naked chick telling you she saw a cute photo of you? Yeh them. Don’t click on them because they will spam everyone you follow and that’s really not good for making people want to continue to follow you.
What are your tips for people wanting to get the best out of twitter?

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