FFS Friday

It’s my favourite part of the week, for more reasons than one but also because it means that it’s FFS Friday with Dear Baby G again! 
This week the state of QLD has been in flood. It seems to bring the dickheads out in full force FFS
We received close to 500mm in under 48 hours. It destroyed roads and bridges. Still people were stupid enough to drive through the water FFS
Stretched rescue teams then had to spend time rescuing these dickheads, taking precious resources away from people who didn’t put themselves in the situation FFS
People were letting their children swim in swollen creeks and storm water drains FFS
The roads were cut on Saturday so of course people started panic buying. Maccas ran out of chips FFS
It’s been a struggle all week to get most food, especially milk.  There has been limited fresh food. There was even no potatoes. What on earth are people expecting to do with it all? FFS
A woman was removed by security from one of the supermarkets after abusing a checkout chic because she was enforcing the restrictions put in place because of the limited food. She proceeded to jump all over her extra loaves of bread, exclaiming that if she couldn’t have them, no one could. FFS
The shops had less people in them at Christmas. People were less rude too FFS
There have been reports of fights between customers over the dwindling stock FFS
The Fitzroy hasn’t even reached it’s peak yet.  FFS
We still have a few more days to go of this FFS
Despite entire communities still being cut off due to their bridges being swept away in the flood waters, they haven’t been declared disaster zones. The people here aren’t able to receive assistance to help them get back on their feet unless the area is declared a disaster zone. FFS
Already people are preying on the weak and vulnerable by door knocking, and telling people they are with the electrical, phone, etc and are here to help clean up. They then swindle people out of their money. It’s disgraceful FFS
 What’s been pissing you off this week? Let me know so I don’t feel like the only whinging bitch.  If you have a blog, then head on over to Dear Baby G and link up your post. Also don’t forget to read all of the other great posts.

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