You’re a winner!

I was going to just edit the Palmolive giveaway post but decided to make a special post dedicated to the winners of the giveaway! 
Firstly, thank you to everyone who entered. I was a little worried about my first giveaway and thought that no one would enter! So I was blown away with the response that I got. There are so many great entries that it made my decision so hard. There was lots of household chores included that I hate just as much as you guys.
The first winner is MichVee with this entry:
‘ The ironing’s a nightmare, not a sweet dream
A simple task that makes me scream!
A family of five ensures the basket’s chock a block
Pants, party dresses, and even the odd sock!
Uniforms, tops, and even jeans
It’s the worst part of my housework routines!!!’
I thought it was great that someone put so much effort into an entry and the tune is very catchy!
Second winner is Elise Ellabban with this creepy crawly entry. I hate cockroaches just as much, and I to do a squealy dance when I see one!
‘Cockroaches – I do the squeally dance and spray until it is coated and shiny and eventually comes to a stop because the liquid load is too much, then my 12 year old tip toes in to cover it with a cup. When husband gets home it’s his job to collect and dispose! As a family we divide and conquer the roach killing task’ 
The third and final winner is Jessie Hay. I know the pain of having my freshly cleaned floors covered in dirt. It’s frustrating to say the least.  
‘My most hated job would have to be the mopping- and with 7 kids in the house it needs doing frequently! I could have cried a couple of weeks ago when just after mopping (while I was waiting for it to dry) my 3 year old son tipped dirt from one end of the house to the other, all over my freshly cleaned floors. 🙁
I will be enjoying the next few months though- I have a hernia and being 24 weeks pregnant mopping has become too strenuous- so my lucky hubby gets to do it instead!’ 
Thank you again to everyone who entered! 

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