Palmolive Review and Giveaway.

I received products from Palmolive in order to perform this review. All opinions are my own and are no way influenced by the gift of products.  Digital Parents Collective covered the administration costs of the review.
Pssst. I let you in on a little secret…I hate washing up with a passion.  In fact in the top 5 of household tasks I would happily never do again, washing up is right up the top.  So when I was asked to review the Palmolive dish washing liquid, I knew it had to be a good product to make washing up that tiny bit more enjoyable.  I received two different products, Antibacterial and Pomegranate.
  • Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Extracts fights germs on the sponge for a least 24 hours.  It contains natural antibacterial agents that combat unwelcome bacteria.
  • By taking care of your sponge, Palmolive Antibacterial helps to thoroughly clean your dishes.
  • Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid costs (RRP) $4.99 (750ml)

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  • Palmolive Ultra Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid comes with a fresh and fruity Pomegranate scent to infuse your kitchen
  • Its rich formula cuts through grease and leaves your dishes sparkling clean
  • The perfect marriage of scent and shine
  • A great accessory for the kitchen sink
  • Palmolive Ultra Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid costs (RRP) $4.99 (750ml)
I’ll let you in on another secret. I hate washing up so much that if something looks too hard to wash up, I will throw it in the bin. This is the reason why I only buy cheap pots and pans. However Devil Papa bought me a set of pans for Christmas that were a little bit more than my usual $10 so I really hoped that the Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid worked as well as the hype it produced.
I really wanted to put the stuff through it’s paces so I purposely (ok I was just lazy but it sounded good) left the pans and plates from dinner on the sink, without rinsing them, until the next morning.  We had steak, eggs and chips for dinner. All of it perfect for baked on stuff.  Here’s the result.
 Lots of baked on goodness….
Once I was sure it was baked on enough, I started the washing up process. Something which I expected would need a lot of elbow grease and a scourer. I was pleasantly surprised.  The washing up took no longer than usual and I didn’t have to use the scourer at all. Normally for baked on foods like the plate, I would have to soak it but I was able to simply wet the plate and then wash with a cloth.
 Something else that I was also impressed with was the amount of suds. Now some people will say that too many bubbles are a bad thing, not me. If it has lots of bubbles, to me it’s doing it’s job. Even though there was lots of bubbles, it didn’t leave a slimy film on the sink and plastics like a lot of other dishwashing liquids I have used do.  It also didn’t seem to clog up the cloth, so I was able to use to wipe down the benches after washing up.  Another surprising aspect was that there was still a large amount of suds after I had finished washing up. Previous products that I have used, the suds have all disappeared half way through the wash and it kind of feels like you are just washing up in water.
Now comes the fun part! Thanks to Palmolive I have 3 Antibacterial and Pomegranate Dishwashing Liquid packs to give away to my readers…that’s right YOU!
To be in the running all you have to do is tell me the household chore you hate the most and why. The 3 entries that make me laugh or shake my head will be the winners.  
Entries Close on Thursday the 31st of January 2013 at 8pm AEST. Please make sure either your emails are visible on your accounts or include your email in your comment so I can get in contact if you are a winner.
Good luck! I look forward to reading everyone’s entries!

44 thoughts on “Palmolive Review and Giveaway.

  1. Yvette Bowyer

    I don’t like washing up! So much so that my husband and I have finally come to an agreement after 4 years. As long as I have the clean dishes from the night before put away and the dirty dishes from the day stacked up neatly, he will wash them for me when he gets home! 🙂

  2. Nat

    The dishes usually is a pretty mundane chore but the one I hate is cleaning the grill from the exhaust fan above the stove – super gross! I don’t even understand how all that crap eve gets up there 🙁

  3. lyndaal

    Ohhhh I hate sorting the garbage. Seriously the food scraps have o have their own stupid bag in the bin then there’s recycling, green bin and normal bin. And you can bet I’m sticking my hand IN the garbage bags to sort it as no one else bothers….. Siiiigh!!!

  4. Melissa

    I hate putting away the washing… Everyday is like Groundhog Day. I don’t mind washing clothes, hanging them out or bringing them in, its just the putting away. I have three boys under 5, including a baby so it is seemingly endless.

  5. Alison Dennehy

    Look at you, all grown up 😀 I loathe all housework, with the possible exception of cooking when I am in the mood. If Palmolive would make a toilet cleaning robot I would deffo buy that 🙂

  6. Shrinking Camilla

    Mopping!! I can vacuum the entire house on a whim without as much as a second thought but when it comes to that mop trying to clean the floors – blech – I’d rather play cinderella and get down with the spray and wipe and paper towelling and wipe the whole floor rather than having to mop!!

  7. Carolyn G

    Is there anything worse than cleaning toilets? Really. I would rather stick needles into my toe nails than clean the toilets but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  8. Just One More Chapter

    I hate the ironing. It’s hot, I have to stand up, and did I mention it’s hot? Our house has little airflow so I have to wait until Miss C is asleep in her cot. Which doesn’t leave me much time to actually iron!

  9. Anonymous

    Housework.. what is that.. i quiet possibly am the laziest person i know…i really hate anything that makes me use my energy unless it involves sex or drinking. But if i have to choose one it would be the folding and putting away the clothes.. ive contemplated becoming an everyday nudist just so i dont have to do it. The hubs often complains that he built me wardrobes for the clothes but like i keep explaining to him… the loungerobe is walk in, it has ample space and will also fit all the other useless items i may drag out from random spaces in a day which i can’t possibly find a home for so easy peasy problem solved just hide them in the loungerobe under the giant pile of clotheseverest. My second worst chore would be washing up. i contemplated the use of paperplates and plastic cutlery or the whole covering the plate up with alfoil when i want to use it however that leads to another house hold chore of extra bin trips.third chore would be ironing.. really that is what drip drying the clothes are for.. or shopping for ones that dont need it.. when u have as many roles as me as soon as u put the damn thing back on it creases like there is no tomorrow and it doesnt look like i have attempted to iron. Cheers Awesome one

  10. Kim maxwell

    I hate cleaning the bathroom floor, apart from the normal bits of dust etc, my daughter must be malting, she is only ten, but man,that hair comes out of her head and lands on the floor like nothing you have ever seen, I am thing I might have to build this into her getting her pocket money, because I am pretty over it!!!

    Kim m

  11. MichVee

    The ironing’s a nightmare, not a sweet dream
    A simple task that makes me scream!
    A family of five ensures the basket’s chock a block
    Pants, party dresses, and even the odd sock!
    Uniforms, tops, and even jeans
    It’s the worst part of my housework routines!!!

  12. Elise Ellabban

    Cockroaches – I do the squeally dance and spray until it is coated and shiny and eventually comes to a stop because the liquid load is too much, then my 12 year old tip toes in to cover it with a cup. When husband gets home it’s his job to collect and dispose! As a family we divide and conquer the roach killing task

  13. Caitlin

    I hate sweeping. I heard of some people once who let their outdoor dog gain admission indoors after mealtimes so he could eat and lick anything the kids had dropped, then he was banished outdoors until the next meal. I have a labrador, he would eagerly complete such a task, but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to walk on a canine licked floor, so the broom and I still have a relationship.

  14. Annaleis Topham

    I dont mind washing up – its the drying I avoid. But I hate cleaning the bathroom – especially our second one where I never go or use. Why should I have to clean it!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  15. Anonymous

    Toilet…especially with boys…they get pee in the most amazing places..I swear they do target practice in there except for getting it in the toilet..

  16. stakky32

    Probably not much of a chore, but I HATE peeling potatoes with a passion! Obviously all those years of peeling countless potatoes as a teenager for my mum has put me off it for life…

  17. Anonymous

    Beth Healey
    I hate cleaning that little gap along side my sliding door as it seems to be a trap for dog hair, dirt, dust and various other little oddities AND IT IS SO HARD TO CLEAN I really, hate it!!

  18. Rockn

    cleaning the shower, I can never get the glass as clean as I want it, I hit my head on the soap holder EVERY TIME and as soon as it’s clean someone wants to have a shower and messes it all up again!

  19. Rachel Thompson

    Cooking! My husband would regularly complain (or ‘critique’ if you asked him!) about my cooking, and I could never cook a meal he didn’t complain about. So one day I went on strike. 1 year later, I still haven’t had to cook dinner – hubby does it now!

  20. Jasmine1485

    Cleaning my bathroom floor – not only is it a gross kind of job anyway, due to the activities bathrooms contain, but my bathroom tiles are extreeeemely absorbent. I didn’t choose them, incidentally! I suspect they’re unfinished, because any time something gets on them, SLUUUURP! They soak it right up and it’s near impossible to get off again. :-/

  21. Jessii

    Cleaning my cockatiels birdcage, because he likes to sit on my shoulder the entire time, repeating the words “Hello Doody!!” over and over again.

  22. boocuddles

    I hate cooking and washing up so we came to an agreement,we cook our own,he does the washing up and I do the ironing..brilliant,especially as he never has much to iron.

  23. Jessie Hay

    My most hated job would have to be the mopping- and with 7 kids in the house it needs doing frequently! I could have cried a couple of weeks ago when just after mopping (while I was waiting for it to dry) my 3 year old son tipped dirt from one end of the house to the other, all over my freshly cleaned floors. 🙁
    I will be enjoying the next few months though- I have a hernia and being 24 weeks pregnant mopping has become too strenuous- so my lucky hubby gets to do it instead!

  24. MissT

    I’ve learnt to like doing the dishes, sad I know. I do HATE having to clean my glass coffee table, glass sliding door and shiny black TV cabinet because of a little munchkin who always has sticky little fingers that leave sticky little fingerprints all over them. Seems on glass things the little fingerprints always seem to stand out so much more!!! Not fun to do daily 🙁

  25. Lilac

    I absolutely hate sorting through the tupperware cupboard!! i swear plastic containers breed in there!!!


  26. KC

    Ironing – why did I marry such a tall man and give birth to tall children??? They have really long pants to iron 🙁 (PS – I am short so don’t mind ironing my own clothes)

  27. Laura

    Drying up! Washing up itself doesn’t worry me (call me shallow, but I’m easily placated by nice smelling detergent!), but I can’t stand drying.

    Apparently I make the perfect washing up partner 🙂


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