FFS Friday First for 2013!

FFS Friday time again!  The holidays give ample opportunity for plenty of FFS moments.
It has been ridiculously hot here this week. Looking at the weather forecast you would think that the temperatures aren’t too bad but we live in Rockhampton. The humidity fucks you over. I have sweat pouring off me at 9am in the morning FFS
I stupidly bought Play-doh for Devil Spawn for Christmas.  There is play doh smushed into my rug. The only piece of carpet in the whole house FFS
I hung my washing out at night in the hope that I wouldn’t be so hot.  It was just as bad, there was just no sun FFS
I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get Devil Spawn to use the toilet instead of his potty. He is fine using it for wee. Poo not so much. I usually know he’s done one only after gettting knocked out by the smell of a giant log left in the potty. How can a small child smell so bad FFS
I still haven’t unpacked from our trip out west. It was nearly two weeks ago FFS
I went for a walk yesterday. I don’t know what was worse, pushing the 19kg Devil Spawn or having to answer his commentary on the surroundings FFS
I stupidly went at 3pm FFS
I made a ‘resolution’ to drink more water. Devil Spawn keeps taking the bottles out of the fridge taking one sip then leaving them somewhere so every time I go to have a drink there is nothing cold FFS
Devil Spawn has gone right back into the sleeping dodging. Wednesday night it was 1030pm before he went to sleep. I of course then couldn’t switch off after dealing with and didn’t get to sleep until 2am. He was up for the day at 7am. FFS
I took Devil Spawn to see Wreck it Ralph on New Years day. He was so well behaved, which is more than I can say for the teenagers sitting near us. If I can keep my hyper 3yo quiet I am sure you can manage to keep your trap shut for 2 hours FFS.
Devil Spawn has gotten a few puzzles lately. He got one from Santa when he got his photo taken…it is unbelievable hard and I am contemplating throwing it in the bin FFS
I have lived in just my underwear for the last few days. Pity it’s not socially acceptable to go out like that FFS
What’s been pissing you off this week? Let me know in the comments! If you have a blog then head over to Dear Baby G and link up with your FFS for the week.

4 thoughts on “FFS Friday First for 2013!

  1. Alison Dennehy

    Well, on the plus side you made my week feel a whole lot better. It’s 5.51am and I have just walked the two dogs I am dog sitting rather than face it later. The heat and humidity are beyond bad, desperate for summer to be over, wishing the next two or three months away is not good so you have my sympathy. My Scottish friends and rellos who want sympathy for living in a cold climate, you’re chapping at the wrong door! I’ll tell you sometime about the cinema visit where a group of exceptionally loud and rude teenagers thought they were going to wreck it for the rest of the cinema. Till they met me. Let’s just say the guy behind me said “Good on ya, love.” Note – do not try this at home. And, obviously you can’t go all mediaeval on someone when you have a 3 year old with you. Hope the tooth ache eases up, I wince in memory of my last really bad one.

    1. Tegan Churchill

      I have in the past told teens talking in a movie to be quiet. I was actually quiet polite and didn’t swear (ok you can stop laughing now, really stop). They did the whole ‘OMG how rude’. I did ‘OMG shut your face before I break it’. Surprisingly we didn’t hear from them again.

    2. Alison Dennehy

      Heheh, well good – the thing is they have to know you would be willing to hurt them. If they think you are easy pickings, no chance. Which is why, as I say, I don’t engage if I have children with me 🙂

  2. NessofBoganville

    Oh dear, you have had quite a week. In regards to DS using the potty, at least he does it on a potty, my Mr4 just does it in his pants. Yes, I realise that was way too much info lol.

    Hope your weekend is good. 🙂


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