Your Dream Destination

Today’s prompt is What was your dream destination in 2012?
One of my besties lives 6 hours away.  To the seasoned traveller that may not seem very far away but to me it is an eternity.  I don’t drive and Papa Devil has a boss that is a dick.  As it is, his boss is dragging his feet about giving Papa Devil an extra two weeks over the Christmas Break. His second ‘holiday’ since we’ve been together I might add.  He normally just works his way around the 10 or so days that the boss gives them off.  For someone who runs a shop on his own, 5 days a week, with no help, this is either dedication or pure stupidity.  I go between the two depending how things are going.
I would love to be able to visit my bestie more often.  Hell even a couple of times a year would be fine with me.  You know what…I’m sure the time off would do Papa Devil the world of good too.  No one can work as hard as he does and not burn out. 
In March we had organised a girls night down with my bestie.  It was supposed to be an entire weekend but because Papa Devil didn’t ask for any time off, it was just a night.  I really wish it could have been longer.  Traveling 7 hours in a car with a hang over, on minimal sleep is shit. Don’t do it…ever. We arrived there after midnight on Friday night and had to leave at around lunch time on Sunday. It was rushed and no where near enough time to spend with the bestie. 
Just a short one today as I’m working hard on Reader’s Choice for tomorrow. 
What was your dream destination in 2012? Did you get to go there?

One thought on “Your Dream Destination

  1. Ang

    my dream destination is home – my home – the one I live in everyday. The twist is that I would like everyone else to disappear from the house for just 5 days. I am in desperate need for time out, although am not physically ready to leave C for a night yet, this time out would be 3 days of serious cleaning/project working on, 1 day to recoup and do whatever I would like and the last day to lunch with friends and then cook an awesome dinner with no kids hanging at my feet.


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