Wishing for my Christmas

The Blogosphere has been all a twitter lately with a giant game of Tag your it of Christmas Wish Lists.  The fun started with Essentially Jess
Today I got tagged by Ann from Help!! I’m Stuck!! 
So I am sharing my 5 Christmas wishes and passing on the linky love.
  1. I still want one of those damn Kmart Slushie Machines.  Papa Devil thinks it’s a stupid present but it’s what I want dammit! Yes I did just stomp my foot like a pouting toddler.
  2. A maid and a chef.  I hate cooking and cleaning equally…that is with a passion.  It’s also less self esteem crushing when Devil Spawn calls someone elses food ‘begusting’.
  3. A bigger house would be awesome to go with with the maid and chef..you know cos I don’t have to clean it.  I’m not greedy, I don’t want a mansion, Just something with a third bedroom and lots of cupboard space.
  4. A bottomless vodka would be nice.  Of course with an endless bottle of lemonade to go with it.  Maybe one of those fridges that dispenses ice, but instead of ice it dispenses vodka.
  5. Family holiday without and shit happening would also be nice.  Time to just relax and be us. You know…not having to meet anyone elses demands.  That would be bliss.

Now for the fun part! Tagging some awesome Bloggers for their Christmas Wishlist.

  1. NessofBoganville 
  2. RoboMum
  3. Dear Baby G
  4. Fat Heffalump
  5. The Bumpiest Path

What’s on your ‘money is no object’ Christmas Wishlist?

7 thoughts on “Wishing for my Christmas

  1. Ang

    ooh, a maid and a chef. that sounds nice. I do have to agree with papa devil on the slushie machine though. too much hassle with ice and salt ratio in the middle and cleaning after. but I do recommend you go and buy a couple of the slushie cups from kmart. you know the ones that you leave in the freezer and put your drink in when you want and it turns it into a slushie much faster than the machine. it makes great frozen yogurt too. only $10 each at kmart too. get a couple and you will have endless hassle and maintenance free slushies in no time 🙂

    I don’t know what I want for Christmas though, will have to think about that one.

  2. ann

    I will take one of everything on your list!! Surely you have now dropped enough hints about he slushie maker!! I am with you on Christmas, I am about to go on strike and cancel it!! I have friends who are from overseas and they have no family here so they all get together on Christmas day. I am insanely jealous of them!!

  3. EssentiallyJess

    I have thought about getting Boatman one of those slushie machines so that he doesn’t leave the blender making a huge mess on the kitchen bench!
    I’d also enjoy a larger house and someone to clean it for me 🙂


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