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I have a giant personal space bubble. Christmas shopping, being in crowded spaces in general invades that personal space bubble. I don’t like it. It’s something that grates on my nerves.  I don’t like being touched without warning, and I do not appreciate strangers coming and touching me.  I even flinch when Papa Devil and Devil Spawn touch me.  I’m not a touchy feely kind of person.  If I hug you, know that it comes from a place that I really had to reach deep down to do it.
This week I had a woman invade my personal space and stroke my scars.  I looked at her in horror, completely speechless as to what would possess someone to stroke a person, who they didn’t know’s arm. I would never touch someone I didn’t know. At least not while sober! My look of horror must have worked as she recoiled pretty quickly. No apology was offered though. It was not an accidental brush, we were the only two people standing at the bus stop. 
This weekend I went out with a few girlfriends.  Clubbing is a BIG breach of my personal space bubble. Occasional, accidental bumps I can handle. In my face, being obnoxious I cannot. This seems to be the only thing that males think exists when it comes to the dance floor.  Seriously what is with that? I am here to dance, trying not to feel like a complete dickhead, I do not need you grinding yourself on my leg like a dog humping it’s favourite toy.  One guy attempted to get close to me and spilt his drink down my leg.  Drink wastage is not cool!
Do you have a giant personal space bubble or are you happy to be close to people?
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3 thoughts on “Personal Space

  1. NessofBoganville

    Yeah I’m with you on this,I don’t like being touched. Although I love to hug my boys, I still never like being touched in the stomach area for some reason.

    Sounds like the behaviour in clubs has degenerated further in the years since I’ve been. Yech.

  2. Ang

    Although at times I would like to offer a friend in need a hug, I feel uncomfortable giving one as I feel a fakeness about me when doing so even tthough iI genuinely care for that person. receiving hugs, I can handle and appreciate the comfort that it stands for but still feel awkward. although I must say an awkward hug shows genuine care where words can oftener said and not so meant.

    I love to hug my boys except when they want to put their hands down my shirt :/ but I often need to remember to hug/kiss my partner because he is that type of person and I am not so much.

    the touching of the scars though, actually the unwelcomed touching by anyone, stranger or not is simply not acceptable

  3. Annaleis Topham

    Hi Tegan,

    Dropping by via Blogs and PR! I can’t remember the last time I went night clubbing. I love it! I just hate the having to get up to kids in the morning. I don’t mind the whole dancing and touching thing just not a fan of drunk people at the bar getting up in my space!

    Look forward to reading more,

    Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors


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