Fuck You 2012!

I wasn’t going to do a goodbye 2012 post because everyone seems to do them and I’m such a rebel. Fuck being the same and all that shit.  Then I realised I had more to say and that my FB friends would get pretty sick of my updates every 5 minutes.  
2012, has been a but fuck of a year.  It has been full of ups and downs. Anger and sadness. Found friendships and lost ones.  Strengthening of ties and severing. 
I refuse to let 2013 head the same way. I refuse to care about those who don’t share the same affection.  I refuse to let those whose morals are lax, have an effect on how I live my life.  I will be me and contrary to what some people believe, that’s pretty fucking awesome.  
I want to say thank you, to you the readers.  Thank you for sharing in the ups and downs. For sharing your stories with me and offering advice when I needed it.  Thank you for laughing with me, for sharing a little bit of my family life with me.
I have a couple of exciting reviews coming up in January that I can’t wait to share with you all.  I hope that you will come into 2013 with me at The Funny Farm. 
Happy New Years! May all of your dreams come true!

5 thoughts on “Fuck You 2012!

  1. Alison Dennehy

    Hey Tegan, I discovered you on Twitter a few months back and didn’t even realise you had a blog for the first few weeks, I just liked the look of you and the sound of you. When I checked out your blog, I found more of the same.

    You’re honest, you’re kind (when deserved), you’re funny and you’re way smarter than you give yourself credit for.

    I’ve lived in three continents and sometimes feel like I’ve lived a dozen lives, and if you’re not good value you are faking it really well.

    I’m glad I stumbled across you. If others cannot see your value, I genuinely believe they are missing out. Just don’t let their issues become your concerns.

    5.11am here, it’s a new day, a new dawn a new life and all that. Happy 2013. Let’s see where we all end up in 2014. I think if you put your mind to it, you will be in a good place.

    Hugs and stuff.


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