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If the ‘fashion world’ is to be believed, plus size starts at size 12-14. I call fucking bullshit! How on earth are we supposed to portray to our children that size isn’t everything, when a world that is so dominant to a teenager is telling them that they are ‘overweight’ at a size 12-14.  There is so much outrage…and yet nothing is done.  

When will it be that a woman is recognised for her brain, her voice, her passion and not the size of her bra, shirt and short short skirt?
Loving my body is something that I have always struggled with and continue to struggle with.  It doesn’t matter what size I am…I hate it.  I stand in front of the mirror, poking and proding, picking out things that I do not like.  I have always felt a strong disconnection between my body and my mind. My mind is strong, my body is weak. 
This isn’t about hate though, this is about love.  I don’t hate my entire body, I don’t know if that is entirely possible. Even at my lowest of lows, when poked and prodded I could eventually come up with something that I liked.  As I have gotten older, I have realised the strenght that my body has. The things that I have put it through and it’s come through the other side virtually unscathed.  Every weekend I thank my liver for being a fucking trooper.  That bastard puts up with a bashing!
I have lived through OD’s that if left untreated could have done severe damage, drank things that were intended for cleaning purposes only and still my body is reasonably ok. I have reflux that hurts like a bitch when I forget my meds but other than that, it’s doing ok.  I had someone lace my drink with turps and yet all I felt was a couple of cramps. Like I said my body has copped a hiding.  It still does the stuff I want it to do! It might put up a hell of a protest but we get there in the end.
I have cut it, burnt it and scratched at it.  I have tried to destroy my body in any way I could. Still it’s here, doing the shit it’s supposed to do.  It might not look the way that I want it to look. Does anyones?
I birthed a mother fucking baby out of my body.  I felt like a beach ball with legs, and still my body did everything that it needed to do.  It created this little Devil Spawn. It was amazing and scary all at the same time but my body did it.
Do you love your body? Has it kept you in awe at the amazing things it can do?
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6 thoughts on “Body Love

  1. ann

    I have to admit I don’t really like my body that much however I respect it much more after growing 2 babies in it!! Love your post today.

  2. Kell Kelly

    I agree! While I am not thrilled with the way my body looks it puts up one hell of a fight and yes sometimes struggles but gets there is the end. I hate having to buy new clothes – you know you are a certain size and than all of a sudden that size is suddenly classed as plus size! I call bull shit too! I found you via TUST

  3. Bachelor Mum

    Hi tegan I don’t mind my body but I reckon when we drink ourselves stupid it’s our minds we are running from. As I get older I’m learning not to run. It’s hard but I also,love the idea of being s little bit more of a mistress to myself rather than a slave. x

  4. NessofBoganville

    Glad your body has survived all the punishment you’ve given it! I’m with you on the ‘plus size’ thing. 12-14? That’s truly ridiculous.

    Now that I’m the wrong side of 40 and the wrong side of size 12-14, I can’t believe the amount of energy I wasted in my younger years thinking I was ‘fat’. Sigh.


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