My life would be different

It’s Thursday again (phew where are the weeks going???) and we all know what that means right? It’s Reader’s Choice Thursdays.  This week I did things a little different and created a poll on my Facebook Page for readers to choose.  The winner this week is:
My life would be different if I’d never met…
This topic really took a lot of thinking.  I have so many wonderful people in my life that I wasn’t sure who to write about.  So many people who have made an impact on my life, impacts that are both good and bad.  I decided to stick with the good thought and chose to write about one of my best friends. 
When I was growing up I always had friends, but I needed my space. I couldn’t handle being in close quarters to anyone for too long, it would drive me crazy.  I don’t really keep in close contact with any of my childhood friends.  I am Facebook friends with them and occasionally catch up when I am at my parents but that’s about it.  I wasn’t the easiest person to be friends with when I was a teenager.  More so than most teenagers.  I was bat shit crazy for most of it.  Once I finished school, we didn’t really hang out much.  We all went our separate ways and started our lives. Me…I was hellbent on ending mine.
Fast forward to 2007 and a near fatal OD. I was in a coma for 3 days, in ICU for 4 and then transferred to the Mental Health ward when I stayed for a month.  Two weeks into that month I met my best friend.  She was very standoffish at first and I’ve often told her I thought she was a cow for the first couple of days she was in there.  Slowly the ice started to break and we took great delight in pissing off the nurses and other patients. 
She’s been there for my ups and my down, down lows.  For the first time I have a best friend who I tell absolutely everything to. She is the only person who knows everything that goes on.  Most of the time she knows more than Papa Devil about the way I am feeling. Why? Because she knows what I am talking about.  For the first time I have a friend who ‘gets’ it.  Self Harming isn’t easy to deal with.  Having someone to talk to who knows the desperation you feel when you need to cut, that it isn’t all about attention is so valuable. 
We’ve now been friends for almost 6 years and still as close as ever. We speak most days, usually sending each other hilarious memes to describe our days.  My life definitely wouldn’t be the same without her.  Sure I could ask for a more normal friend but where’s the fun in that 😉

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