Girls night

This Friday night I am doing what every girl needs every now and then. I’m having a girls night out.  You have no idea how much I am looking forward to it.  Nothing beats letting your hair down sans kids with your closest girl friends.
I’m doing the preparation for it now because having a child has bought out the need to have everything organised days in advance part in me that was always laying dormant. I whipped out one my new notebooks and started making a list, checking it twice all that shiz.  Like I said I am super excited.
It got me feeling all stiff in the pants about past nights out and I started looking through old pics.  Oh the shame but oh there was so much fun had in making all that shame!
So with that I decided to share with you all my girls night adventures in picture form. Have fun and let loose baby!
 No girls night out is complete without the drinks before going out. You know because drinks at clubs are so damn expensive.

Screw cups and straws. They’re overrated.

Occasionally I’m a laaaaady and use a grown up glass.  

Motorboating always makes the night much more fun.

It’s not a night out clubbing unless you take at least one selfy in the toilet.

Then of course there is the morning after where you check out your wounds.  These are usually caused by the fact that the only time you wear heels is when you go out once every 6 months.  Of course you’ve never worn the shoes before and you will always get a blister.

Do you enjoy a good girls night out? Or maybe a boys night out? Are you long overdue for one?

5 thoughts on “Girls night

  1. Jodi

    LOL O.M.Gosh looks like you had a blast! I am MOST DEFINITELY overdue for a girls night out. Saddly my gf are all ‘too busy’ or too ‘old’ (their words not mine) for a night out to let loose and have some fun…. sigh … maybe I just need new friends! lmao
    Glad you had fun! (do it more often pls so I can live vicariously thru you!)
    oh btw… followed you over from your Fatmumslim gift exchange page on FB!


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