FFS Friday 16th November

Friday! Yay! FFS time! Yay! This post really is my favourite to write.  While not so fun experiencing it all at the time, it’s so simple to write. I also love reading everyone else’s posts and laughing with (ok you got me AT) them about their FFS moments of the week.  So here we go….
I had so much FFS that I decided to start writing them down on Sunday FFS
On Friday I (stupidly) took Devil Spawn with me shopping for a party dress. He ran around the shop while I attempted to dodge the stares of the very impatient sales assistant FFS
The dress that I went in for, wasn’t available FFS
I couldn’t find what I wanted so had to submit to asking the impatient sales assistant for help. FFS
What she picked out actually looked great NO FFS
I spent a small fortune on said dress. The straps broke after wearing it for an hour FFS
Devil Spawn lovingly passed on his gastro. Which decided to rear it’s ugly head while I was at the clubs. Throwing up in a club toilet is never classy FFS.
I was at home, in bed, completely sober at 1230am I continued to vomit most of the night FFS
Papa Devil looked after Devil Spawn all day Saturday so I could sleep it off. NO FFS
We were all in bed by 730pm because we were all so exhausted. Which was lucky because Devil Spawn decided that 3am is totes a cool time to wake up for the day. FFS
Tuesday morning Devil Spawn woke up covered in a rash. We spent 3 hours at ED while he was climbing the walls FFS
It was an allergic reaction…to something FFS
They were gone by the end of the day. NO FFS
He woke up the next day covered again in the rash FFS
I did 5 loads of washing to wash all of his bedding and our clothes because my washing machine is shitty and only lets me do half a load FFS
He woke up again on Thursday covered in the rash FFS
A friend and I walked to and from Mums Group this week. It was stinking hot. I’m unfit. I nearly died FFS
That’s my week of FFS. What’s pissed you off this week?
Linking up with Dear Baby G head on over to read other peoples FFS moments and maybe feel a little better about your week.

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