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If you’ve ever that ‘pleasure’ of taking public transport than you will sympathise with that meme.  Oh how I had a ‘it’s funny cos it’s true moment’ when I first saw it.  If you’ve never been so lucky as to enjoy a stint on the local public transport then let me take you on a little journey.
You know how all of our lives we’ve had it drummed into our head that we must wear a seatbelt or you will be fined? Well on a bus aka large human sardine carrier they don’t have seatbelts.  Playing corners takes on a whole new level while traveling on a public bus.
I don’t know about in other places but here a majority of the bus drivers are always in a bad mood. I mean I would be too if I dealt with the general public all day but come on! If you don’t like people then don’t do a job where you have to deal with people all day everyday.  Especially when, like me sometimes you are the only person I have had a conversation with that doesn’t involve bodily fluids.
Be prepared to feel your life flash before your eyes on a regular basis when people think that they can take on a bus.  It’s a 50 something seater aka a big fucker and you are in a ford fiesta…you aren’t going to win so don’t even try it.
Heaven forbid that you don’t have the exact change.  I can understand handing over a $50 note for a $2 bus far but come on when it’s $3 for a $2.60 fare just take it.  Your death stares aren’t wanted nor warranted.
There is always one smelly person who could so with 500 baths.  They always sit at the front of the bus or the back of the bus.  This results in their aroma wafting right through the bus every time the doors open.  They always seem oblivious to their smell.
Most importantly, if I have earphones in that is code for ‘I don’t want to talk to anyone and if you make me take them out to listen to your ramblings I will not be impressed’. If I feel like I chat I will not have earphones in.  If I have earphones in, there is a pretty good chance that I am enjoying sweet, sweet child free time while listening to things other than Playschool and a whining toddler.
 Do you have any public transport stories good, or bad? Please share!

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9 thoughts on “Insert witty and slightly sarcastic title here

  1. hopefulraeofsunshine

    I grew up in a family without a car I was so used to public transport I never noticed any of these things but since meeting the hubby and never travelling on public transport I notice everything and find myself wishing we had developed a teleportation system

  2. Peggy

    You missed the one where we have to hear someone’s whole phone conversation because they don’t know how to speak softly or keep it short.

  3. BossyMummy

    I refuse to go on public transport – I am such a snob. It is crowded, smelly and takes forever. I am fortunate I can park at ork and it’s only a ten minute drive away, so I avoid it at all costs 🙂

  4. Questing Jess

    Have caught a lot of public transport in the past – up to 3hrs a day when I was working in Sydney. These days it’s usually only to and from the mechanics. Last time though, the bus was one of the older models with steps rather than flat entry. The entire busload watched me try and get my nervous toddler on whilst lugging my pram-with-newborn upstairs one-handed. Perhaps somebody could possibly have offered assistance??? Argh.

    1. Teegs

      Yes the help from people is pretty scarce. I hate taking the pram on the bus and try to avoid it if I can. I had DS in a carrier strapped to my chest for as long as I could and it made things so much easier.

  5. Salz DummySpit

    NO public transport for me I drive and I don’t think I would leave the house if I had to use public transport. I do feel for the people on those buses and trains though.

  6. Sophie Allen

    I listened to a guy try his darnedest to pick up a girl on a tram in Melb. Was so entertaining! At the end, when he asked to meet up with her, she told him she had a boyfriend.


  7. Jess@Diary of a SAHM

    Thankfully I don’t have to catch the bus at all. A few years ago though, Boatman used to take it to work to save money. Then one day the stench was so bad he had to buy a new business shirt because he couldn’t get it off him! Since then he drives. 🙂


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