A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I almost forgot to link up with Eden’s Fresh Horses this week. *gasp*

This week its all about pictures and what’s been happening in your world.  

So post your favourite pictures from the week or whenever and Link Up.

This is my favourite pic of Dyllan and Paul.  They both look so serene and it’s just a nice pic.
These are my $15 Heels.  They have since been renamed the killer heels as I twisted my ankle in them and I’m still limping!
Dyllan got his head stuck in a coat hanger. after I finished laughing I took this pic!

3 thoughts on “A Picture Says a Thousand Words

  1. Pundelina

    Awww poor Dyllan – that’s a 21st pic for sure! 

    The sleepyguys pic is adorable. And how did you even stand up in those heels? I am completely admiring of anyone who can walk in big heels, I just look like a newborn foal.

  2. Teegs_88

    I could stand in them, while on a flat surface.  Once I mixed in alcohol and grass it was a disaster.  I have the skinned knees, elbows and sprained ankle to prove it lol.


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