Apple of my eye….and shit

I might be a little cynical (ok you can stop rolling your eyes now…no really stop) but these things drive me up the wall.  I don’t think that I need to post 500 ‘inspirational quotes’ on my facebook/twitter etc to show that I love my son.  

Also why isn’t there any real ones? All of them describe them as being clean and pure and other shit.  Anyone with a child knows that this is about as close to the truth as thinking that a reality tv contestant isn’t just in it for the money.  Sure they are perfect in every way to you, but the reality is that sometimes they are just little pains in the arses!  

So I decided to find a few of my own ‘inspirational quotes’. Enjoy 😀
This is quite possibly the best condom ad I have ever seen!

p.s I really hope no one comes across my blogs by using the search terms I just did

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