This sounds familar

Here we are again.  I’m trying really hard to not make this into a  ‘resolution’ thing because I am doing this for longer than that.  Christmas binging hit hard and 4kg found it’s way back to me.  The realisation came when I put on my ‘fat’ pants and they were tight.


I’m doing one of those controversial ‘shake diets’ and not really telling anyone in my ‘weightloss circle’ about it.  I spoke of an interest to do it a few months ago and was met with ‘it won’t last’, ‘you can’t keep the weight off’ blah blah blah.  My answer: I’m doing what works for my situation and at the moment, having meal replacement shakes is it.

I’m a pretty lazy person (ha! there’s the understatement of the year) and that usually leads me to either not eat because I couldn’t be bothered making anything or eat crappy zap in the microwave foods.  At least with a shake, it’s easy AND will help with weight loss.  

So starting tomorrow I’m going to weigh in, measure up and start again.  I will try not to have an negative emotions towards the number that is going to be on that scale…instead think of the steps I am taking to reduce that number.

Next week I restart at the gym and getting back into my routine again.  Holidays are over and it’s time to get real.

Wish me luck!

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  1. rachiepie6

    Check out My Fitness Pal! It is an iPhone/iPad/Android app and a website. It is easy to use, and if you want, there is a great community and forum as well. It is an easy way to track calories, everyone I know who uses it more than half-assedly has lost weight. I’ve lost over 10 kg now! I love it! It is super easy!


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