FFS Friday 20th January 2012

Here we are again.  It’s the verbal diarrhoea known as FFS Friday.  It is quite possibly my favourite time of the week because I get to ranty rant and it’s the norm 🙂

This week the weather has been insane! I wish it would just make up it’s mind.  On Sunday we were in jumpers and tracksuit pants (oh so glamorous) and right now I am naked and still sweating!  FFS

I bought Mini Man a new lunch box on Tuesday for $13, opened the Kmart catalogue this morning and the same lunch box is in there for $9.  This happens every single time. FFS

My house looks like a bomb has hit it.  Every. Single. Day FFS

I told my psychiatrist that I am not really coping with my son and don’t feel a great deal for him emotionally.  His response? To tell me he thinks it might be time to discharge from the Mental Health Service. FFS

After I specifically told them not to, Daycare let Mini Man have a sleep.  He stayed up until 3am! I am not paying these people for him to sleep away the afternoon FFS

When I got to Daycare they were playing tag in the play area.  Did I mention that it’s been stinking hot here?  They had no drink bottles with them, or access to drink fountains.  Did I mention it’s been stinking hot here? Mini Man’s first word to me? Drink! He proceeded to drink 400ml of water in the space of 10 minutes.  When I rang to complain, they assured me that he had been given water.  Bullshit FFS

The welfare system in this country, most of the time sucks balls.  So many innocent children are suffering needlessly because of an overworked, underfunded system.  These are innocent lives we are dealing with FFS

This week I started ‘eating healthy’ and I am failing miserably and old habits are dying hard.  FFS

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Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “FFS Friday 20th January 2012

  1. rachiepie6

    OMG get a new daycare!! :p

    That buying something then seeing it on sale totally happened to me today. Bought some up and go’s yesterday $3 at coles, today at woolies, $2!!!


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