The Lazy Wife’s Guide to Housework

I hate housework with a passion and avoid it like the plague.  Here are my top tips for doing housework without really doing any work.

1. If food doesn’t come off within 30 seconds of scrubbing, then the item must go in the bin…no exceptions

2.  Mopping when you have a toddler is always optional (or for the people with that weird cleaning fetish)

3.  Putting the clean washing in a pile in the corner of any room still counts as ‘doing the washing’.

4.  Only feel ‘obliged’ to do the washing when you feel like you are going to get swallowed by the basket every time you walk into the bathroom…the same applies for the dishes.

5.  When your favourite item of clothing is in the laundry basket…if it doesn’t smell like mouldy undies yet then you can still wear it.

6.  Making the Mini Man help isn’t cruel slave labour, it’s common sense and his future partner will thank me for it.

7.  If you never turn the fans off for the entire summer then no one notices how dirty they really are.

Do you hate housework as much as I do? What are you tips for avoiding it?

2 thoughts on “The Lazy Wife’s Guide to Housework

  1. Lady Daa Doo

    I loathe housework!!

    I just looked up and noticed my fans for the first time. They are disgusting. I am going to keep them turned on so noone will ever have to see them.

    I am the second generation of housework haters. I was raised on the belief that there are better things to do with my time.
    There’s no way I would like to be at the end of my life and realise I spent it making beds! I’d prefer to go knowing I enjoyed life doing what I wanted!


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