FFS Friday 23rd December

I wasn’t going to do this, this week as I was going to be *way too busy* but Major Man is being an arse so I think it’s warranted.

MM finished work yesterday and had ‘after work drinks’.  He stumbled in the door at 5am, minus his glasses with a stupid had on. We are supposed to go shopping today FFS

MM still hasn’t got me a Christmas present. I made it simple for him, told him what I want and where to buy it.  It’s not that hard FFS

For some unknown reason Mini Man thinks I am his personal footrest.  As I’m typing this he has his legs across my lap.  Some personal space would be nice child FFS

I went through MM wallet this morning…I’m hoping like hell that, that money in there is a Christmas bonus and not him withdrawing his entire pay for the week.  How on earth did he not get mugged walking home from the clubs last night FFS

Why don’t bottlo’s do deliveries like Dominos? I sure as hell could have done with a six pack at 5am this morning FFS

Did I mention that when MM came home he also woke the Mini Man, so we’ve both been awake since 5am.  MM of course promptly fell asleep at 530am but we are still no where near a nap FFS

When I say nap, I’m talking about the thing that Mini Man avoids like the plague for 360 days of the year.  When I vent about it on facebook, don’t respond by saying how glad you are that YOUR 2 yo is still have 2 naps a day. I  will have to hold myself back from coming over and stabbing you…or swapping kids FFS

Again kid get your damn feet off me I am finding it very hard to type when you are using me as a resistance weight for your legs.  FFS

Why do some people feel the need to report photos needlessly.  A friend posted a photo of her sons ARM covered in a rash on facebook and it got removed because someone reported it as pornographic material.  Did I mention she posted it in a private mums group.  Grow up people FFS

It’s the silly season! What has pissed you off this week?  Head over to Dear Baby G and have a giggle or link up what has pissed you off this week.
Merry Christmas! Hope the fat man visits you all.

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