To chop or not to chop

This post is going to be about a pretty controversial topic but I’m going to write it anyway.  If every one stopped themselves from writing or saying something that they thought would ruffle a few feathers then the world would be a pretty dull place.

I used to get involved in online debates but had to stop as they were making their way into my personal life and having a detrimental effect on my mental health.  I have a hard time dealing with the fact that some people are just douche bags who refuse to see reason.

Now in this ‘day and age’ it may come as a shock to hear that some people still circumcise their boys.  I am one of them.  It cost me a packet but I don’t regret it.  I weighed up my the pros and cons and decided the pros outweighed the cons.

I’ve been told some ‘awesome’ reasons why I shouldn’t have gotten him done.  One that still makes me chuckle is that circumcision prevents a man from being able to reproduce effectively.  Major man and his rabbit like producing abilities and that of his two sons definitely disputes that reasoning.  Between them they have 12 children…..  When I put this to the person, their response was that well it impaired my sexual function…..After reading his facebook page and blog I suspect it has more to do with his douche bagness and lack of personality that his ‘sexual function’ is impaired.

I consulted a few friends that work in the medical field and the response was almost the same with all….foreskin infection is the worst infection they have ever had to deal with.  One even went as far as to say that they would deal with 10 crash victims over 1 foreskin infection.  I don’t want my son to have to suffer that when he gets to an age when he can’t take care of his own personal hygiene.  If he is anything like Major Man he will refuse to get help until he thinks his old fella is going to fall off too o_O

I had one person against it and well she likes to inject random medication into people so I take her opinion with a grain of salt.  

So whether you chop or not…it’s your choice.

2 thoughts on “To chop or not to chop

  1. Princess Jo

    I think it is all a matter of personal choice. Will our boys be circumcised? No. I don’t believe that having a surgery done ‘just in case’ would work for us. I would rather educate our boys to look after themselves properly and to get help if it was ever needed in case of infections. It isn’t something we would ever choose for our boys – in fact, the only reason we would ever consider it is if there was an infection/problems retracting. Personally, I would love to live in a world where it wasn’t ever needed, or that little babies never had to have the procedure.

    But that is just our family’s stance on it, and it doesn’t suit everyone.

    To me, it is kind of like breastfeeding. It is something that I absolutely feel passionate about, and will do my absolute damnedest to do, but does that mean that I think it is right for everyone? No. Just because I am passionate about it, and believe in a certain way for our family, doesn’t mean that everyone should follow our lead? Again, no!

    Interesting post, though.

  2. smokeandmirrors

    Well I don’t have any boys so I dont have to face this decision, but if I did I doubt I’d get them circumcised. The chances of a foreskin infection really aren’t that much I would have thought. However foreskins ARE a bitch when you are geriatric! My Hubby was a carer in a nursing home and had to shower the residents, and from what he reports, old men keeping their own foreskin clean is very difficult.


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