Magpies suck

It’s magpie season again….a season that is quite possibly more painful than footy season.

Yesterday I found out that Mini Man has next to no fear…or brains one or the other.

We were at our mums group and Mini Man decided to chase a magpie with a shovel.  No I am not kidding.  This kid is insane.

Mini Man was winning for a while…until he turned his back, then it was on for the magpie.  One of the other mums had to run out and save him.

This then made the park a battlefield…thankfully the play area had a big shed over it.  I am petrified of magpies..made worse by me getting pecked in the back of the head a couple of weeks ago.  

Once it was time to leave I made a dash for it with a bag on my head.

The moral of the story: Don’t fucking piss off magpies!

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