Hello Moron

I’ve decided that it must be a prerequisite of working in the fast food industry to be a complete moron.  I’m constantly amazed at just how stupid one person can be.

They are also usually rude and impatient.  I deal with a toddler all day….sometimes you are the only ‘conversation’ I have during a day…a little politeness wouldn’t go astray. 

Tonight we went to our local “unnamed fast food eatery”.  There was lots of people…I knew that it was a recipe for meal fuck ups.

Firstly they skipped the guy in front of me and got my meal first…but it was wrong.  They had it on a tray when I had specifically asked for take away.  

Secondly, I hadn’t been given my drinks.  They bought them over asking if there were both cokes….no they weren’t and they weren’t both small either.  Cue eye rolling.  

Thirdly they put so much ice in my drink that I got about 5 mouthfuls before it was empty.

Oh yeh it was soooo worth breaking my attempts at healthy eating over.

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