Thin people exercise too

As I’ve already stated quite a few times I’ve recently started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (4 weeks in to be exact :O) and I’ve had a few aha! moments while doing it.

By far the biggest aha! moment has been ‘even skinny people need to exercise’.  When we ‘diet’ most of us have this hidden misconception that when it’s all over and we are looking hot we can just go back to how we were living before but still keep our svelte bodies. WRONG!

Some people I know have had comments made to them about ‘why do you need to exercise when you are naturally thin’.  Someone might be naturally thin but no one is naturally healthy and that is what exercise and healthy nutrition create.  Exercise isn’t all about losing weight, it’s about getting healthy and preventing health issues as we get into our later years.

It doesn’t matter what your size is you should exercise.  Remember thin doesn’t automatically equal healthy and overweight doesn’t automatically equal unhealthy either.  A healthy lifestyle is the only true measure of wellness.

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