The wait is on…..

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It turns out I am rid of the sleeping case manager…now the wait is on for the next one to come along.  All of my case managers seem to get moved along which makes me think they are just scraping the bottom of the barrel to give me one.

I had intended to notify my doctor of my case managers strange habits but he beat me to it with news that she was going to work elsewhere.  A big sigh of relief went through me.  Now she is someone else’s problem.  I pity them and hope that their problems aren’t in need of a case manager that is more dedicated to their job.

That appointment was 2 weeks ago and I am yet to hear a word from my ‘new’ case manager.  No wonder there is so much mental illness in this world, if this is the level of care that is the ‘norm’.  If you can’t afford private health care then you are stuck with the luck of the draw that is the public health system.  Oh and you would want to be holding a knife to your throat or someone else’s if you have any hope of getting inpatient treatment in this town. 

I’m not cynical I’m just being realistic.

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