Oh dear lord why a knife

Today was my first session with my new case manager…it went pretty well.  She seems a bit stand offish but says that she doesn’t really want to read my SIX volumes of psych history which is a relief.

One of my biggest worries with new case managers has been that they will see the ‘borderline’ diagnosis which I don’t think that I fit anymore and automatically put me in the ‘too hard, too needy’ basket.  Maybe this woman will be a breath of fresh air.  Maybe I will regain some trust in the public health system.

I think that Mini Man has quite possibly taken on my distrust and dislike of the mental health system.  Today for the SECOND time he came out in my first appointment with a case manager wielding a knife.  Oh how I wish I was fucking kidding.  Luckily both of them have had kids so know how ‘curious’ they can be.

Mini Man loves cooking and making stuff (shout out to his future wife/husband: ‘you’re welcome’) so anytime he gets the chance he goes right ahead.  So this afternoon he was making himself a banana smoothie and was chopping up the banana to put in the blender that he had set up (he’s only 2 for goodness sake).  He has also made Major Man ‘breakfast’ one morning while he snoozed on the couch.  This involved chopping up some onion and putting it in a fry pan, then trying to place the fry pan on the oven.  

It’s not child labour if they volunteer for it 😉
Luckily I’m grey already or this kid would send me grey!

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