Isn’t love all that matters

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I was reading through my Facebook feed earlier in the week and stumbled across a very worrisome article about chair of Beyond Blue, Jeff Kennet.  His words that worried me so much…. “Happy heterosexual marriages are the best environment for the mental health of children.” Read more here….
I really thought that we were living in the 21st century…obviously I was wrong.

Beyond Blue has distanced themselves from the comments made by Jeff Kennet.  With good reason.  

His comments really were a kick in the guts of progress and also to those families who aren’t doing things by the ‘norm’.  Plenty of kids have turned out a-ok in single parent families because they are loved…who is to say that someone’s sexual orientation makes them incapable of love?

Even Centrestink now recognise same sex couples as what they are…couples.  You really are behind the times if you are more backward thinking than centrestink.

Dunnet’s comments make the implication that children in heterosexual relationships have good mental health.  I can tell you that most of the people I know with a mental illness came from a two parent heterosexual family.  

I’m not saying that one family dynamic or another is more likely to create unstable mental health, just that all a child needs is to know that they are loved and they have a safe place to come home to.  

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