Self Sabotage be thy name

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I’ve been doing this ‘weight loss’ thing for a while now.  I’ve been gaining and losing the same 5kgs for the last 5 months.

Every time I lose weight something in my head flicks and I eat like I’m eating my last supper.  Hello Self Sabotage. How nice to see you *cue sarcastic eye rolling*

Every time I go to the shop I fill my basket with fruit and vegetables and that yummy healthy stuff, telling myself that I don’t need or want any junk food.  I’m sure my stomach must have a brain of its own, because before I know it I am putting a packet of Tim Tams in the basket and making my way to the counter.  Hello Self Sabotage.

I tell myself that I can exercise it off later.  I then proceed to sit on the couch and not do it…cursing myself the whole time and feeling like a lazy so and so.  Hello Self Sabotage.

I’m kicking the habit! I can do this! It will be different this time! I’m a new person.


One thought on “Self Sabotage be thy name

  1. mrs.hammond

    Ugh, I do that too!! Today, after losing about 1kg, I sat on my ass and ate a whole pack of Stax. Then some peanut butter toast. Then dinner (chicken schnitzel with garlic bread and corn)<< delicious haha. I don't wanna weigh myself tomorrow, but it has to be done 🙁 I am patiently (well, not so much) awaiting the day that I have an excuse for eating so much. Ya hear that, uterus?


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