Scars remind me that the past is real

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It’s no secret that I have a history of self harm…I have evidence from my wrists to my shoulders.

I’m not ashamed of my scars….but I’m not proud of them either…contrary to popular belief.

Most of them I can tell you a brief story of how it got there…the superficial story anyway.

I often forget that they are actually there…I’ve lived with scars for so long that they are just part of me…much like a birthmark or freckle would be for someone else.  It always throws me off when people ask me what happened.  My stock standard answer is “It’s a long story” aka mind your own fucking business.  Most of the time that works….others are just too nosy and I end up walking away.  

If I do tell you what happened…don’t think that I will do any harm to you…that’s why it’s called SELF harm.  I have no intention on physically hurting anyone else except myself.

Self harm can be all consuming and is much like an addiction.  Before you know it, you are doing so much damage to yourself in one session that it repulses most people…you hardly blink an eye.

Self harm is not an attention seeking venture.  It’s a way to make the inner turmoil into something physical. Physical problems are much easier to deal with.

If you or someone you know has the urge to self harm please call someone.  It can be a family member or a friend.  Alternatively if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone close to you, there are numerous help lines to call.
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Victoria Suicide Helpline: 1300 651 251
Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 (these guys were a huge amount of help to me as a teenager)
You can also call your local hospital and ask about a crisis line.

If you are in immediate danger please call 000 or get yourself or the person who is threatening self harm to your nearest Emergency Department.

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