Mini Man is sick.  On Saturday night we took him to the hospital and after the last couple of days I have decided that he will never be a ‘Manflu’ sufferer.  He just has way. too.  much.  energy for anything like that.  

His high temp was what prompted us to make the trip to the dreaded emergency department.  Upon having his temp taken at the hospital it was discovered his temp was sitting at 39.2 (eek!) but everything else was fine.  Mini Man was petrified of the doctor.  He didn’t even know that his name was ‘Butt’. I’m sure if he did he wouldn’t find him quite as scary.  Something tells me however that he overheard Major Man and I giggling about the doctors name as the next time his temp was taken (38.5) the doctor had to chase the giggling little school girl around the exam room.

It was this that made me decide that he will never suffer Manflu.  At one point a nurse came in and he was running around like a maniac and I said “I swear he really is sick”.  She laughed….I’m still deciding whether she believed me or not.

So Mini Man is still under the weather and looks miserable but is still his cheeky boundless amounts of energy self.

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