This morning I really hate the public transport system and the fact that it made have a mini meltdown.  I organised my morning around it and it all went to shit.  I had an appointment with my psychiatrist at 12.  I worked out to catch the bus at 11:15 that I would be there with a decent amount of time before my appointment.  Oh how I was wrong…so, so wrong.  I don’t know if they just stopped that service or what but it just never turned up, 12 came and went.  I had to catch a taxi.

Cue scene 2….the tears.  I rang mental health to let them know that I was going to be late.  Their response…we’ll just reschedule your appointment…..and the tears begin.  She wanted to put me through to acute care team….no thanks I just wanted to see my doctor today.  With a bit of back and forth I was told to just come up and I would see a doctor.  Thankfully after all of this stressful stuff ups I was able to get to speak to my psychiatrist.

Cue scene 3….the tears with a good outcome.  My record of two appointments without tears came to an end when I spent half of the session crying….over god knows what.  The decision was made to start me on a mood stabiliser after I told her about my swift mood changes of moderately happy to ultimate bitch.  I’m hoping this medication works….only time will tell I guess.

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