Moving In

Major Man and I have had many discussions – many while drunk about the prospect of moving in together.  I know shock horror we have a child and don’t live together…..oh wait we live in the 21st century.
There have been lots of things to consider and we really haven’t gotten any closer to a decision.  It’s hard and I really don’t want to fuck things up.  We have it pretty good and I don’t want it to go to shit.
There are days when I would love for him to come home to us, especially when Mini Man has been a little terror and I want to just lock myself in my room.  Then there are days when I am glad that the only person I have to answer to are a 21 month old.  I don’t have to answer the ‘You bought how many pairs of shoes” question.  I’m also not the best ‘house wife’ and thats not going to change anytime soon and don’t want to feel pressured to conform (hello former rebel).
We’ve weighed up the financial side and we just don’t know if we would be able to afford living together.  Its disgusting really.  If I went to work and put Dyllan in daycare more often which Major Man doesn’t want then we would get less money again. 
We are also divided on where to move to.  Major Man wants to live in the bush but I would go insane(er) if I lived in the middle of nowhere.  Hello childhood memories….gag.  I want to live in town but would be willing to compromise for a little out of town…as long as it was walking distance to stuff. 
So the long and short of it is that we are no closer to living together anytime soon and we are both shit scared of making that first leap step

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