Hard Work

Whoever said hard work never hurt anyone obviously hasn’t seen my hand :s  It’s my mouse clicking finger too so it’s really hurting like a bitch.
To try and ‘pass the time’ I’ve started weeding.  Yes she who detests the outdoors is weeding her backyard.  Don’t worry this is most likely only a short lived endevour and my yard will go back to the jungle it once was again.
We’re getting it ready for the arrival of the parental unit next week for the easter break.  Must make sure to put the chairs back in their covers.  That is the only thing that is ‘important’ before they arrive.  Everytime they come to say mum ribs me about leaving the chairs out and how I am wrecking them, so this time I will head her off and put them in the cover before they get here.  Even if it is the day before they arrive(ok maybe two because they change their minds about arrival more often than Brittany Spears flashed her v-jay jay).
Well I think that will have to be all for today because my finger is on FIRE(again who said a bit of hard work won’t hurt you???).

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