What the fuck is wrong with fashion these days (oh god doesn’t that make me sound old)???
I look through the shops and it seems that ‘dressing like a homeless person’ is the new fashion.  Does that now mean I can wear my pjs out and pretend they are ‘fashion’?  Probably not.  I saw a shawl aka throw rug complete with tassles in valley girl last week that was a baby shit green colour.  I’ve spent the last almost two years trying to avoid getting baby shit on my shirt I’m not going to buy a throw rug complete with tassles shawl in the same colour.
My other gripe about ‘fashion’ at the moment is zippers.  I saw the prettiest dress, pulled it out of the rack and it had a great dirty zipper down the front.  I’m not talking a cutesy decorative zipper I’m talking a big black zipper that goes half way down the whole dress.  So you have a beautiful flowy dress usually in a pastel colour and it has a big black zipper down the front and this is called ‘fashion’

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