Crisis Numbers

Seeing as how I want to provide this blog as an informational place so I’ve decided to do a post about crisis numbers and my experience with them.
My experience with my local after hours team is that they are mostly a bunch of useless twats.  Although there is a good proportion of the inpatient unit who are also a bunch of useless twats so maybe my local service is just useless.  Everytime I would call them I would hold a little bit of hope that this time it would be different and 9 out of 10 times they lived up to their useless twat status.  My most memorable help (I use that term loosely) from them was when calling because I had self harm thoughts and they told me to just go ahead and do it.  Yeh like I said helpful.
The last time I called however was actually helpful(no I am not being sarcastic) and I was blown away.  It was only a few weeks ago and I had told my doctor multiple times that I would not call them if they were the last people on earth.  Everything was just getting a little too much.  When I say everything I mean nothing in particular and everything in general.  I was so unbelievable angry that my vision was blurred.  Everything pissed me off. I had reached the end of my tether and decided to call ACT(acute care team).  He was surprisingly helpful and was a calm voice in the storm of my head.  He promised to call back after I had tried to call Major Man and actually did.  However a mix up(aka they didn’t change my details) with my phone numbers meant that the cops were nearly called to break down my door.  I had gone to Major mans house and when they couldn’t get me on the phone(the number should have been changed months but wasn’t) and I wasn’t answering the door as I wasn’t home he was on the verge of calling the police because he was in fear of my safety.  They did follow ups, and I got my medication changed. 
So I guess the gist of this post is that you always need to hope that when you reach out your hand that there will be someone there to take it.  Even if it is a stranger.  I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes its easier to dump on someone you are never going to see or talk to again.  You don’t have to worry about the implications.
If you or someone you know needs help then check out beyond blue’s website.  They have a great range of resources as well as help lines to call

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