Before the Baby

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately so I decided to post a little list in hopes of giving old and young mums a bit of a giggle.
Before the baby the thought of peeing in front of someone was enough to make you get stage fright.
After the baby you can pee with your whole family in the toilet with you discussing their day.
Before the baby you would blush a little if your partner caught you naked.
After the baby you prance around the house in your birthday suit even if the front door is open.
Before the baby you thought you were awesome if you could sleep in after midday.
After the baby you jump for joy if you get to sleep past 8am.
Before the baby you’d wallow in self pity at the sight of sniffly nose.
After the baby not only do you get out of bed when you have full blown flu but you clean the house, do 3 loads of washing and cook dinner for everyone.
Before the baby the thought of watching playschool or anything other kind of preschool show was enough to make you cringe.
After the baby you not only have the tv on the cartoon channel all day but instead of having a top 40 song stuck in your head you have a wiggles song.
Before the baby the thought of touching any kind of bodily fluids was enough to make you gag.
After the baby you go to the shops with a shirt that has puke down the front and you don’t care.
Before the baby your morning routine would involve at least 3 steps.
After the baby your morning routine still consists of 3 steps but now these are 1. Checking to make sure all of your hair is brushed in the same direction. 2. Gargling some toothpaste on your way out the door. 3. Fishing out the outfit that smells the best out of the clothes on your bedroom floor.
Hope everyone enjoyed and had a bit of giggle and a ‘ah yes’ with this before and afters 🙂

One thought on “Before the Baby

  1. BronzedAussie_22

    So true! 😀
    Although, before baby, I walked carelessly around the house butt-naked.
    Now, mr 19 month old thinks it’s fun to run around after your nakedness pinching bottoms, pulling nipples and jabbing you in the crotch while saying “Wee’s”….so needless to say, clothing is no longer optional in our house.
    (and I bet the neighbours are thankful for it! lol)

    And I’m still not in the habit of making it to bed before 3am, despite my son going to sleep at 7pm, and waking at 6am! 😛


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